Mackage Crafts Personalized Experiences for All Climates (Case Study)

Crafted at the nexus of fashion and function, Mackage is built around the basic notion that you can look great while keeping warm. The down retailer takes this claim seriously, testing their jackets in labs and Canadian winters to deliver a superior product. Once they have stood up to a blizzard, Mackage distributes jackets online, through its own brick and mortar stores and in department stores, often creating a complex customer journey that can involve several touch points.

To drive sales across channels, Mackage required a solution to:

  • Serve customized homepage experiences based on current weather
  • Deploy highly targeted recommendations
  • Craft personalized experiences to boost brand affinity

Mackage sought a solution that could be implemented with minimal hassle and would deliver immediate uplift in advance of the highly profitable holiday season. That’s when they turned to Dynamic Yield.

Ultimately, deploying homepage personalization and machine-learning powered recommendations warmed Mackage’s bottom line as the retailer realized a 9X ROI just one quarter after implementing Dynamic Yield across their website!

Download the Case Study to Learn

  • How Mackage used weather based personalization to create 20 different homepage experiences
  • How Mackage served personalized recommendations across product detail pages
  • How Dynamic Yield paid for itself in less than three months


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