The 25-Point Checklist for Optimizing Mobile Commerce Conversions

Mobile commerce is showing no sign of slowing down.

According to Business Insider, by 2020, mobile commerce will make up 45 percent of total eCommerce, equaling $284 billion in sales. That’s more than three times what’s expected for 2016.

But while mobile traffic continues to rise, mobile conversions continue to suffer. Although the majority of consumers use their mobile devices to browse eCommerce sites, the majority of conversions are still taking place on desktop. Many online retailers are struggling to optimize their mobile web offerings and are failing to secure revenues from mobile web shopping experiences.

Did you know? Mobile accounts for 60% of traffic but contributes to only 16% of sales. Solve the mobile web challenge for good!

Understanding how to optimize your mobile website is essential to driving more mobile conversions. The following 25-point checklist will help you conduct a thorough audit and will help you develop a better understanding of what actions need to be taken.

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25 Questions to Help You Optimize Your Mobile Website for Conversions



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Your mobile web optimization and personalization strategy needs to be concentrated, focused and effective. By addressing the 25 questions above, you’ll ensure that you are driving more conversions from mobile web.

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