Multi-Touch Campaigns – a whole new way to personalize

Multi-Touch Campaigns – a whole new way to personalize

Build cohesive campaigns with multiple experiences of different types that span across pages and touchpoints, from the first pageview all the way to the last.

New marketing technologies and tools have provided businesses with a greater ability to personalize digital experiences for their visitors more than ever before – across web, mobile, email, and more. However, most of these capabilities generally constrain you from personalizing single interactions as one-off campaigns instead of tailoring a customer journey from start to finish.

At Dynamic Yield, we believe in focusing on the big picture and crafting digital customer experiences as a whole. With the launch of Multi-Touch Campaigns, you can do just that – a fundamentally new way to think about personalization, it enables you to build cohesive experiments once and for all. These can include multiple experiences of different types that span across different pages and touchpoints, from the first pageview all the way to checkout.

“Instead of just focusing on specific touchpoints or small tweaks, marketers now have the ability to really optimize the entire customer journey.” – Liad Agmon, CEO.

Additionally, because Multi-Touch Campaigns leverage Dynamic Yield’s core A/B testing and optimization capabilities, you can iterate, analyze, and deliver on your results more quickly.

Create campaign consistency

Make sure visitors are presented with consistent messaging and content across the entire customer journey, no matter the page a user is on, type of interaction, or point in the funnel.

Say you want to test a 10% off promotion for all returning visitors – just set your Multi-Touch Campaign to expose this messaging and associated creative at designated touchpoints on the site.

You can also opt for this to be the only experience you deploy for returning visitors.

Test entire sets of experiences against one another

Whether a minor element of a journey or the entire flow, launch an experiment to identify and deliver the optimal experience for each audience segment.

Take this example of a weather-focused Multi-Touch Campaign meant to target users who are expected to see clear and sunny weather over the next three days. It includes two experiences with various components and page-types, as well as a controlled version of the site.

By running each of them under one umbrella, you can more easily determine which is more effective in driving results for this particular audience of people.

Multi-Touch Campaigns - Example

Measure the impact of every interaction

Finally, understand how different touchpoints are influencing the user funnel – it’s all possible with Multi-Touch Campaigns.

Implement multiple recommendation widgets at different stages of the funnel or across the entire thing while maintaining a consistent control group and one true uplift calculation. Or measure the uplift of specific elements, like social proof indicators (e.g. trending product) across different page types.

Multi-Touch Campaigns - Reporting

This screenshot represents just one section of the overall Multi-Touch Campaigns report

Experience Delivery that Scales

By joining various elements of a journey into a single experiment, you no longer have to be shackled by the limits of testing a single site component at a time. You can now quickly craft highly optimized customer experiences, at scale.

“In personalization, it’s often easy to talk about the technical details: tailored recommendation algorithms, calls to action, creative, and so on. However, a truly individualized approach involves more than a group of pixels or an html page. With Multi-Touch Campaigns, our customers are able to create unique experiences that revolve around the end user, not simply the site structure.” – Gidi Vigo, Director of Product.

Our Multi-Touch capability provides a more open and flexible workflow for campaign creation, delivery, and measurement – we’re beyond excited to see the great strides personalization practitioners will continue to make with it after a successful launch across our global customer base.

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