What to Expect at Personalization Pioneers Summit NYC

What to Expect at Personalization Pioneers Summit NYC

After packing houses in Berlin and Singapore, Dynamic Yield is bringing the Personalization Pioneers Summit to New York City on Thursday, April 12th!

After packing houses in Berlin and Singapore, Dynamic Yield is bringing the Personalization Pioneers Summit to The Standard Hotel in New York City on Thursday, April 12th, 2018!

The only of its kind in the area, our premiere event in personalization will connect leaders from cross-functional roles across various industries who are shaping the future of customer experiences.

With keynotes from brands like Stitch Fix, Urban Outfitters, NBC Universal, and CB Insights, attendees will gain inspiration and practical knowledge from those who are innovating through personalization on a daily basis.

An action-packed day along with the rare chance to meet other professionals at the top of their field means teams will leave with all the information needed on personalization and optimization strategy to help drive growth for their company.

Below, check out the agenda for the day:



12-5pm Personalization Masterclass!

Join us on day 1 for an interactive Dynamic Yield certification course. In this class, you’ll learn the ins and outs of personalization and leave as a fully certified Dynamic Yield user! Are you a more sophisticated Dynamic Yield aficionado? If so, we’ve got you covered too with workshops on advanced segmentation, testing and next-level use cases!


9-9:30am Winning the Battle for the Customer's Heart, Mind and Wallet

Personalization can dramatically improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, but scaling it across an organization requires sustained focus and teamwork. In this presentation, McKinsey partner Julien Boudet will share insights on how to use real-time data to deliver superior experiences and introduce the concept of a “personalization war room” to help companies 10X their personalization velocity.

9:30-10:15am Taking Personalization From Vision to Reality

As URBN’s head of personalization, Nathan Richter is tasked with aligning technology, brand, merchandising and data teams to deliver the best possible experience to millions of URBN shoppers. In this keynote, he will share insights on how he fosters a world-class personalization program and culture of continuous optimization across the company.

10:30-11:30am Dynamic Yield's Roadmap and Product Vision

What will personalization look like 5 and 10 years from now? And more importantly, what is Dynamic Yield doing to build an open-architecture platform that will meet the future demands of the global brands? In this session, CEO Liad Agmon will present insights on the future of customer experience and Dynamic Yield’s product roadmap.

11:30am-12:00pm From Data to Action: Live Demo with APMEX

With more than 10,000 products in stock, APMEX boasts $14 billion in transactions and is the #1 ranked specialty retailer by Internet Retailer Magazine. In this presentation, Director of Digital Analytics Andy Mueller will provide a live demonstration of how his team creates real-time personas for different buyers of precious metals and crafts unique experiences for each audience. Additionally, he will describe how APMEX uses insights gathered in Dynamic Yield to inform broader business intelligence decisions across the company.

12:00-12:30pm Media Optimization Case Study: NBC

Details of discussion with David Torchiano, Sr. Director of Insights at NBC Universal, coming soon.

12:30pm-1:15pm DELICIOUS LUNCH

1:15-1:45pm How to Make Amazon's Four Pillars Work For You

In 1994 Jeff Bezos boldly announced that Amazon.com would become “earth’s most customer-centric company” by focusing on four basic themes: Customer Centricity, Continuous Optimization, Creating a Culture of Innovation, and promoting Corporate Agility. By 2017 Amazon captured 43% of ALL retail sales in the US and had the 4th highest market value of any company on the planet. In this entertaining and informative talk, Bryan Eisenberg will show you how to take the “Four Pillars of Amazon’s Success” and make them all your own.

1:45-2:10pm How Stitch Fix Optimizes the Experience for Every Client

Delivering hand-selected clothing to every client, Stitch Fix is the ultimate example of the power of 1:1 eCommerce. However, continuous optimization of the digital experience for Stitch Fix users begins long before a customer signs up for their first Fix. In this presentation, Meg Watson will demonstrate how Stitch Fix continuously tests and optimizes every stage of the funnel to help more people find clothes they’ll love.

2:10-2:40pm Think Like a (Data) Scientist

Sometimes finding the answer to a problem requires coming at it from an entirely different angle. In this tag-team presentation, Brooks Bell herself will share her philosophy on how to approach testing differently to uncover valuable customer insights. Then, Reid Bryant, Brooks Bell VP of Analytics and Data Science, will explain the importance of data geeks getting out from behind the monitor and working with design to craft messages that encourage consumers to take action.


3:00-4:00PM 50 Customer Journeys in 60 Minutes: Dynamic Yield Use Cases

A 20% increase in revenue per user from dynamically changing the hero banner. An 80% boost in conversion rate from triggering a support message for users spending more than 10 seconds on the cart page. These are all real results achieved by Dynamic Yield customers. In this session, CMO Mukund Ramachandran will present top Dynamic Yield use cases from across our global client base for you to take back to your organization!

4:00-4:30pm New Frontiers in Retail Tech: Will Offline and Online Finally Become One?

Despite media obsession with the retail apocalypse, investors are pouring record amounts of cash into technology startups that view brick-and-mortar retailers as a viable client base. In this presentation, senior analyst Zoe Leavitt dives into the ways tech startups are leveraging AI, IoT, virtual reality, and more to integrate offline and online experiences and revive physical retail.

4:30-5:00pm Beyond eCommerce: Building the Future of CPG

Nuts.com started as a single store in Newark but is now building a new-school CPG company. In this address, Nuts.com Chief Vision officer Matt Butlein will talk about how he is structuring his product, team and technology stack to deliver the most engaging experience to the customer online or in the middle of Union Square.


There are a limited number of spots available, so make sure to request your invite today.

For those who aren’t able to join, follow us on Twitter at @DynamicYield for live updates.

Hope to see you there!

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