A Proven Process for Onboarding Marketing Technology

A process by which we enable practitioners to begin independently delivering unique experiences and driving significant value. Sometimes, within days of implementation.

You’ve mapped out the vendors, drilled into their capabilities, and selected the personalization technology that can deliver on your business goals.

Now, it’s about retrieving your investment on personalization so you can ensure those marketing dollars are well spent, and in the shortest amount of time.

After interviewing a host of clients from a range of industries currently employing Dynamic Yield for their personalization efforts, we realized how important it was for companies to hit the ground running.

That’s why we came up a program called the “Personalization Hackathon,” a process by which we enable practitioners to begin independently delivering unique experiences and driving significant value. Sometimes, within days of implementation.

Below, find our unique approach to onboarding your personalization technology.

On-site Implementation

Like any personalization platform that requires buy-in, it will often happen from many areas of the business, and a proper implementation strategy should include the stakeholders identified from each of those teams.

A personalization hackathon, or on-site implementation workshop, will act as an introduction to the vendor or platform, a high-level training course of its personalization capabilities, and a strategy session on how everything fits into the larger business plan.

Here’s a breakdown of the what each hackathon session will deliver on:

Introduction to the platform and the concept of personalization

Very commonly, one team within a company drives the acquisition of a personalization platform. While other teams may agree with the end goal of their effort, key stakeholders may not understand the exact impact of personalization on their individual jobs, responsibilities, and even MBOs.

A solid introduction to the platform and debrief on the basic tenets of digital personalization can go a long way in orienting each key team and member.

Technical implementation workshop

Personalization stacks like Dynamic Yield have the ability to transform nearly every aspect of how a company interacts with its users. Therefore, the platform requires a deep integration with every technical solution a company employs to address the different touchpoints of the customer journey.

Much of the integration process can advance through stellar communication, support, and documentation, but nothing substitutes the power of a few engineers sitting in a room and whiteboarding the requirements, potential challenges, and solutions to implementation.

Business alignment and strategy

Companies frequently acquire personalization solutions to fulfill the complementary goal of bringing personalization to a company’s products. That means they typically possess a very good high-level vision for what personalization can help accomplish.

Regardless of this knowledge, successful on-site implementation should include a comprehensive session dedicated to diving into and documenting the vision, as well as how to transform defined goals into actualized use cases.

Platform training

In addition to helping end-users learn the ins and outs of the platform, a cooperative training process can tease out more potential use cases, ensuring all teams are truly aligned on the vision.

Use case enablement

Engineers and customer success managers from the selected personalization solution should work with a company’s engineers and end users to enable their first use cases and deployed campaigns.

From there, they’ll be empowered to hit the ground running with their personalization efforts.

It’s just the beginning

On-site implementation represents a small portion of any sustained personalization program. But if you get it right out of the gate by following the steps from our personalization hackathon, I can assure you it will help iron out any additional steps in the onboarding process.