Orchestrate digital customer journeys with Dynamic Yield and Optimove

Orchestrate digital customer journeys with Dynamic Yield and Optimove

Ensure each customer receives the most relevant experience throughout the lifecycle with your brand using Dynamic's Yield Optimove integration.

According to Mary Meeker’s most recent Internet Trends Report, adults have doubled their digital screen time since 2008, with the average person now using about six devices each. In light of this new reality, it has become paramount that brands deliver consistent experiences throughout the customer lifecycle, even as shoppers engage across multiple channels.

Heavily dependent on the ability of different solutions within the marketing stack to speak to one another, many companies often find themselves needing to close any gaps in customer experience management through strategic integrations. After all, while one team may leverage a platform like Dynamic Yield as their main System of Insight (SoI) and System of Engagement (SoE), we understand this may not be the case for others.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that folks using Optimove’s Relationship Marketing Hub for multi-channel campaign execution and optimization can now seamlessly combine their efforts with those of our real-time personalization capabilities.

Below, learn more about the benefits of connecting these two best of breed solutions as well as use cases that can be unlocked to ensure that each customer has the most relevant experience while interacting with your brand.

End-to-end journey personalization with Optimove

With a Customer Data Platform (CDP) at its core, Optimove serves as a Relationship Marketing Hub. Best known for its advanced customer modeling, predictive segmentation, and campaign automation technologies, Optimove is used by marketers to deliver the right message on the right channel to each customer.

Dynamic Yield also acts as a de facto data hub, onboarding and processing any type of data, which, through our decisioning engine, can be activated in real-time for the purposes of recommendations, targeting, testing and optimization, as well as the triggering of messages across any channel.

Combined, joint clients of Dynamic Yield and Optimove will be able to:

Enrich their customer profiles with real-time data: Customer data from all sources such as CRM, service clouds, and data warehouses via Optimove can be incorporated and unified with the powerful engagement-level data captured by Dynamic Yield from apps and websites.

Orchestrate multi-channel personalization: Seamless and consistent campaigns can be delivered by using Optimove to execute customer communications via any channel, with Dynamic Yield ensuring they receive the same message and offer upon clicking-through to the brand’s website or app.

Create a continuous optimization loop: Optimove’s customer behavior modeling can be used to maximize the impact of every campaign, and each online experience optimized at the variation-level through Dynamic Yield.

Now, let’s dive into a few examples of what this looks like in action.

Increasing engagement with hyper-personalized push notifications

In a highly competitive consumer landscape, brands cannot afford to waste time and money on irrelevant digital campaigns – that’s why it’s so integral to centralize shoppers’ historical data. Not only does this provide a more accurate view of the customer, but it also empowers teams to craft more relevant, targeted campaigns.

For instance, using this integration, marketers can continue to use the platform of their choice to create a highly personalized mobile experience that keeps customers engaged, even when they are on the go.

Using Optimove, teams can send push notifications to users’ mobile devices that feature tailored product recommendations based on Dynamic Yield affinity data.

Using Dynamic Yield, teams can deliver personalized push notifications based on segment-level data gleaned from Optimove’s advanced audience builder.

A push notification campaign targeting customers with recommendations of new products they may like based on their affinity

A push notification campaign targeting customers with recommendations  of new products they may like based on their affinity

Supercharging promotional strategies

Not every visitor should be served a promotion and failing to segment your audiences will ultimately leave money on the table. Understanding which individuals need to be nudged with a promotion and which ones don’t will inform your targeting strategy at every touchpoint.

With this integration, marketers from the iGaming industry, for example, can ensure they only trigger offers and calls-to-action for certain players.

Using Optimove, teams can determine which audience segment should be shown a triggered notification based on their activity, and alongside Dynamic Yield, automatically serve the best variation for these visitors per channel.

Using Dynamic Yield, teams can track user behavior on-site, such as high or low engagement, and use the information to orchestrate multi-channel campaigns via Optimove for those who may require further incentive.

A highly-targeted offer prompting idle users with a triggered popup to drive action

A highly-targeted offer prompting idle users  with a triggered popup to drive action

Aligning email with the on-site experience

Site visitors who are served relevant and consistent experiences across channels and devices tend to exhibit greater brand loyalty and have a higher customer lifetime value (CLV), making seamlessness of implementation all the more essential.

For instance, let’s say you want to remind rewards members of the amount they have left to spend before their loyalty perks expire. Additionally, that each member sees the same promotion across touchpoints.

Using Optimove, teams can send a “Promotions for VIP Customers” email with personalized content or product recommendations embedded by Dynamic Yield that are custom-tailored to each member from the mailing list at the time of email open.

Using Dynamic Yield, teams can serve a “Welcome” banner at the bottom of the page with individualized communication around a member’s loyalty status for those who clicked on the Optimove “Promotions for VIP Customers” email.

A bottom bar banner welcome message leveraging loyalty program data

A bottom bar banner welcome message leveraging loyalty program data
In all of the examples outlined above, information collected from each campaign will ultimately be used to further enhance the customer experience across the two technologies, creating a continuous optimization loop.

Upgrade your marketing stack

With consumer spending rising year-over-year, brands must not only arm themselves with the tools they need to continue meeting and exceeding customer expectations but also guarantee each of one compliments and speaks to the other. Otherwise, teams will find themselves in the age old integration conundrum, where siloed data and fragmented customer experiences prevail.

With Dynamic Yield’s Optimove integration, brands are one step closer to connecting all the dots, allowing them to better understand their customer’s unique needs and deliver the optimal marketing treatment across channels.

To learn more about all of the technology providers Dynamic Yield’s personalization platform supports, visit our integrations page.

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