Why Dynamic Yield’s partners are core to the experiences we deliver

Why Dynamic Yield’s partners are core to the experiences we deliver

Partners are core to what we do, helping us improve our platform and develop new products, as well as influencing how we work with clients to achieve success.

To say that partners are important to us at Dynamic Yield is an understatement – they are core and fundamental to what we do, helping us improve our platform and develop new products, as well as how we work with clients to achieve success. 

Personalization has really come into its own, with designing and delivering great and differentiating customer experiences becoming a top strategic imperative for brands. Brands have quickly come to realize that competing on price and promotions, alone, is nothing but a race to the bottom.  

Customer experience management and optimization at scale is the new battleground.

Our partners at McKinsey & Company completed a comprehensive study on the results these efforts can drive, and the findings are truly impressive. Not only have they seen a reduction in customer acquisition cost by as much as 50%, they’ve also witnessed increases in revenue up to 15%, and improved media spend efficiency as high as 30%.

And while this all sounds great, the reality is that personalization is not a “thing.” It’s not a “widget,” it doesn’t have an “owner,” and it isn’t just something that magically happens when you open up a platform or piece of technology, as much as some other vendors in the space would have you believe. A truly high-performing personalization and optimization program requires a strategy, clearly defined goals and KPIs, technical and creative expertise, process and discipline, along with an ongoing spirit of creativity and innovation.

Personalization is a multi-disciplinary practice spanning across functional areas and silos.

More and more, our clients are meeting the market leaders from Dynamic Yield’s partner network and discovering how absolutely critical they are to helping them fully understand what personalization means to their brands, and how they can benefit from a more robust program and strategy.

Our partners work hand-in-hand with dozens of clients in numerous ways, from conducting personalization workshops to developing their initial plans, offering consulting services, as well as ongoing delivery services when it comes to launching and analyzing campaigns.

A platform made more powerful by our partner ecosystem

Technology by itself is rarely the key to substantial results, and there are no “silver bullets.” Real success requires sound strategies and our partners are not only masters of the Dynamic Yield platform, but experts in user experience design, creative, analytics, marketing, and more. This has empowered our clients to execute very sophisticated and high-performing personalization programs that impact their bottom lines in meaningful ways.

ynamic Yield Partner Program Benefits

No matter what an organization’s level of knowledge, operational capacity, team structure, marketing stack, or goals, our community of partners can bring support, additional resources and capacity, new thinking, creativity, ideas and innovation to our customers. 

Members of our community of solutions partners include organizations like Periscope By McKinsey, Corra, Brooks Bell, Clearhead (an Accenture Company), Gorilla Group (a Wundermann Company), LYONSCG (a Capgemeni Company), Guidance, BVAccel, and many others. We also partner with some of the best technology companies in the world including Salesforce, SAP, Facebook, Shopify Plus, Tealium, Oracle, and others.

Graphic of Dynamic Yield Partners

We are the partners we keep

Since announcing our program, we’ve grown the community to over fifty solutions partners globally on just about every continent… and we’re adding new ones to our list all the time, striving to provide customers with even more options as they seek to elevate their personalization programs – a mission that’s not only been incredibly rewarding but also inspiring.

“Working with the team at Dynamic Yield has been amazing. From the CSMs to pretty much everyone that I’ve ever interacted with at the company has been amazing,” said Eric Meyers, Director of Optimization & Insights at BVAccel. “The amazing level of support that we get from Dynamic Yield really makes us feel more like a customer than a partner.” 

The positive feedback we’ve received from great partners like Brooks Bell and BVAccel (heard speaking in the video above) about their experience as Dynamic Yield partners only validates the support we provide to them and our customers, as well as the path we’re on.

If you’re interested in becoming a Dynamic Yield partner, learn more.

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