Finally, a Community where personalization experts can exchange knowledge

Finally, a Community where personalization experts can exchange knowledge

Community is a collaborative space where experts of Dynamic Yield can come to document, learn, and connect with one another.

At Dynamic Yield, we’re dedicated to ensuring our customers have the proper resources to achieve meaningful results through our platform. From regular touch bases to ongoing training, access to an extensive online Knowledge Base, as well as 24/7 global support — we strive to become true, strategic partners in web personalization success.

But after working with customers to launch hundreds upon thousands of unique experiences every month, we realized a critical component of the education process was missing. And that was the direct line of communication from one platform user to another.

“We see customers as an integral part of our work and they deserve a ‘seat at the table.’ With Community, they can contribute to the direction of the company in which they have invested while sharing expertise, asking questions, and learning about personalization at large.” – Gidi Vigo, Director of Product.

It makes sense: customers are sitting on top of heaps of knowledge when it comes to running a personalization program and oftentimes possess deep levels of insight about their industry or business that may get trapped in silos or never rise to the surface for others in need. These important learnings and bits of information can offer invaluable answers to questions being asked by personalization practitioners seeking to elevate their efforts across the globe.

Which is why we’ve launched Community, a collaborative space where experts of Dynamic Yield can come to document, learn, and connect with one another. 

The members-only site allows Dynamic Yield customers to:

  • Gain access to Q&A forums for immediate guidance or the sharing of expertise
  • Exchange best practices around personalization, gather inspo, and swap success stories
  • Browse relevant industry and interest groups to connect with similar users
  • Receive timely updates on all new product releases and upcoming events
  • Provide direct feedback to the Dynamic Yield team
Welcome to Dynamic Yield Community

Community is open to all Dynamic Yield users including customers, partners, employees, engineers, and non-technical marketers alike.

Get the information you need, now

As a user, you’ve most likely been in touch with our support team who works hard to help you refine all of your experiences, but why not source the Community crowd? With hundreds of active expert users, chances are somebody has the answer you’re looking for.

No question is too small — ask about integrations, configuring tests, launching experiences, or implementing recommendations.

For instance:  

Favorited replies will rise to the top, providing you with the most relevant answer per thread. You can also bookmark a post to refer to it later, or copy a link and share it with a colleague.

Find inspiration from other personalization pioneers

You may have numerous personalization campaigns under your belt, but with all of the possibilities and customizations, there is no end to what can be achieved — don’t let the results you’re achieving today define your results for tomorrow.

Not just limited to our Summit Events, you can gain inspiration and try something new based on what other Community members are doing. Think of it as a steady stream of potential ideas you can activate today or build into your experimentation pipeline moving forward.

Connect with your team at Dynamic Yield

Have thoughts or feedback you’d like to share with us about the personalization platform, our capabilities, services, or even the Community site itself? As those who work closest with us, we respect your opinions and want to make your experience valuable, so please let us know what you think and how we can make life with Dynamic Yield even better. 

Whether through a direct post or a Q&A thread, representatives from every department are on the lookout for your questions and opinions.

We also announce new features and updates through the Community to create a one-stop-shop for all your Dynamic Yield news.

Dynamic Yield Community - Product Updates

Learn more about the new Dynamic Yield Dashboard.

Build your personalization network

Connect with real customers from real brands who are innovating in the field of personalization with Dynamic Yield and learn from their success stories, best practices, and use cases.

We’re willing to bet that some of your Community peers share important similarities — whether by geography, industry, position or otherwise.

Follow an individual’s activity by clicking on their profile from an interesting thread and even reach out to them for a one-on-one conversation via direct message.

Dynamic Yield Community - Profile Example

Document your own experiences to become a recognized thought leader in the Dynamic Yield Community and unlock engagement badges as you interact with others throughout the forum.

A more flexible way to learn

With so many great minds operating under one technology, this open line of communication between the Dynamic Yield team and our global customers will help to establish a shared foundation of knowledge.

The Community site itself constitutes one part of our three-pronged approach to building a greater, unified Knowledge Hub. Set to launch in early 2019, we plan to include our current Knowledge Base and self-serve Academy program. It will live alongside our 24/7 live support services, which remain available via phone, chat, and email.

We really hope you join us in making a rich, vibrant learning environment for the entire Dynamic Yield Community to enjoy.


Not a Dynamic Yield user? Contact us for information on how to gain access to the peer-to-peer site for yourself.

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