Value in personalization remains high, but technology inhibits progress, latest research finds

Value in personalization remains high, but technology inhibits progress, latest research finds

Discover the results from our third consecutive research report on The State of Personalization Maturity and find out how benchmarks across industries have changed.

Tailoring experiences on an individual level has become the industry’s gold standard, with brands turning to website personalization to better meet the needs and preferences of consumers who now demand relevance. But even as competition rises and more companies put skin in the game, much work must still be done before capitalizing on the promise of personalization.

Faced with undergoing significant operational changes, many are discovering that the integration of a personalization platform is a critical first step to adoption. Technology acts as the anchor for an organization’s personalization efforts, and the talent required, setup of a team, and the processes put in place are all heavily dependent on the tool(s) used. While not a silver bullet, our research shows the lack of sufficient tech needed to deeply tailor experiences across channels continues to be an inhibitor to notable progress.

In our third year conducting this research, we recorded over 200 responses in our Personalization Maturity Self-Assessment, from marketers and executives in cross-functional roles across various industries in AMER, EMEA, and APAC. The responses, used to benchmark the global state of personalization maturity, were measured against eight, unique signals of personalization: absent, basic, advanced, and pioneer.

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Maturity report

After crunching the numbers, we discovered that while the perceived value of personalization globally remains strong, without the necessary technology, organizations are struggling to gain the proper footing essential for effectively tailoring experiences. 

The reality is, while incremental improvements are visible, scaling and accelerating the rate of progress will require serious investments.

Download the complete report to access our detailed findings.

And don’t forget to discover your own company’s personalization maturity level by answering these eight questions.

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