Benchmarking The State of Personalization Maturity

Infographic: Benchmarking The State of Personalization Maturity

Discover insights from Dynamic Yield's State of Personalization Maturity report.

Companies that excel at personalization see increased consumer engagement, top-line revenue, and a higher ROI. But a personalization-centric company doesn’t just happen. It takes buy-in, vendor selection, onboarding, and proper implementation.

Some companies are considering web personalization for the first time. Some are deploying simple email personalization. Some want to move into sophisticated segmentation strategies. The top companies prioritize personalization as more than a mere tactic, but as key to delivering superior customer experiences.

To provide a comprehensive report on the state of personalization maturity in the market, we surveyed 700 global marketers and executives across industries. Here are the results.

Benchmarking The State of Personalization Maturity

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