Introducing: Personalization Template Library

Introducing: Personalization Template Library

Leverage dozens of high-impact personalization templates and move experiences from in the queue to live when you need them, without hassle.

TL;DR: Leverage dozens of high-impact personalization templates and move experiences from in the queue to live when you need them, without hassle.

Personalization provides a huge opportunity for businesses to deliver tailored experiences to each of their users, enabling them to achieve greater engagement, higher rates of conversion, increased revenue, and more. However, while it’s easy to focus on the outcomes of personalization, it’s also important to recognize that implementing personalization campaigns requires work.

It’s true, the journey for businesses to deliver high-yielding results takes time and resources across design, development, and marketing teams to get it right. And oftentimes, achieving priority for campaigns over other projects and then orchestrating between various stakeholders can be a major obstacle for marketers who want to start delivering personalized, engaging experiences on a consistent basis.

Introducing Dynamic Yield’s Template Library

At Dynamic Yield, we recognize these pain points, which is why we’ve built a whole library of personalization templates to make it easier for teams to create experiences and launch campaigns more quickly, with less effort.

Our Template Library, a collection of dozens of pre-built experiences, includes ready-to-use templates with HTML, CSS, and Javascript that marketers can customize accordingly and then set live, all without having to get stuck in typical design and development cycles that create bottlenecks in the workflow. Now, with the ability to scale personalization efforts and increase speed to market, the highest-yielding campaign opportunities can come to fruition instead of going stale waiting for resources that either never come, or miss one important deadline after another.

Template Library

Carefully crafted based on the most powerful, high-impact use cases for a variety of channels, these out-of-the-box templates provide the perfect starting point for your personalization efforts — and we’re constantly adding new templates to the roster. So, instead of starting from scratch, recoup valuable hours potentially lost and put them back into driving more revenue through personalization.

Categorized by industry, use case, and experience type, find templates for hero banners, shopping cart abandonment use cases, exit-intent popups, mobile web optimization, email capture overlays, and more.

Just one part of Dynamic Yield’s powerful templating engine, our platform also provides teams with the ability to build and save their own experiences in Dynamic Yield as custom templates.

For example, if your development team built a high-performing overlay notification and your marketing team wanted to create several variations based off of that successful experience, you could use Dynamic Yield’s templating engine to save it as a custom template. Then, with flexibility and ease, alter elements such as the text, images, colors, products, and more without having to go back to your designers or developers.

This template, meant to intrigue visitors with a surprise scratch-it overlay is one of many promotion variations that can be used in B2B or B2C, eCommerce, Media, and Travel to drive action.

Templates Scratch it Use Case

With Dynamic Yield’s Template Library and templating engine, we put the ability to quickly craft high-end, personalized experiences on any channel in the hands of those who rely on it the most.

For a more in-depth look at our template offerings, stay tuned as we begin rolling out a monthly series highlighting some of our most sought-after experiences.

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