Inspiration Library – A searchable database of personalization examples

Inspiration Library – A searchable database of personalization examples

Providing marketing inspiration through a comprehensive collection of personalization use cases deployed by real brands across the Dynamic Yield customer-base.

Today, the potential applications of web personalization are so vast, and marketers entrenched in the practice of tailoring experiences are often faced with the paradox of choice. Unsure about what’s possible, how to prioritize one use case over another, or whether it will have a positive impact on the customer journey, experimentation roadmaps fill up with random test ideas that may or may not produce meaningful results. 

Instead of wasting valuable time and energy on campaigns that offer little to no value to the business, teams should prioritize experiences proven to generate significant uplifts. And a great place to start is by modeling after the success of others. 

Seek inspiration, find growth

At Dynamic Yield, we’ve worked with leading brands in the space to deploy hundreds of innovative use cases across channels that have led to increased conversion rates, revenue per user, average order value (AOV), gross profit, and other imperative metrics.

Until now, the strategies associated with these positive outcomes lived in various locations, from blog posts and guides to case studies, training decks, and throughout our Knowledge Base, serving practitioners at various stages along their personalization journey. But with teams hungry for new ideas, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to search and surface relevant use cases so they can activate as soon as possible. 

Our Inspiration Library, a compilation of all these resources, was built to do just that. With more than 80 real personalization examples, it is a marketer’s first stop before creating a new campaign.

Personalization Inspiration Library

Hand-picked to present unique solutions to common business objectives, filter results by theme, industry, channel, impacted page, experience, and even implementation effort, allowing for granular identification of the most suitable use cases. Toggle between use cases in preview mode for quick inspiration or view each one in more depth to discover the type of brand that implemented the use case, the strategy employed, and the hypothesis generated. Additionally, the exhibited uplift reported can be used as a benchmark for measuring success.

For instance, if you are an eCommerce company looking for best practices around Product Detail Page (PDP) personalization – specifically through Demand Notifications – you will find a number of use cases matching this exact criterion.

Explore the Personalization Inspiration Library

A sample of personalization use case themes include: 

  • Abandonment recovery
  • Homepage personalization
  • Promotional messaging
  • Upsell strategies
  • Weather personalization
  • Welcome messages
  • Subscription personalization
  • And many more

While some may not have the time or resources to design and develop these ideas from scratch, the majority of examples in the Inspiration Library link to corresponding out-of-the-box experiences found in our Template Library – ready to be customized and launched, without hassle. 

Discover the endless possibilities

Available in Spanish, French, German, and Russian, our Inspiration Library serves as an effective tool for exploring the many options available when it comes to personalizing the customer experience. Even better, it allows teams to become both laser-focused on high-quality campaigns and better at prioritizing those that align with their business needs.

Never stale, we will continue to update the library with new and innovative use cases deployed through the platform, selecting only those which demonstrate notable uplifts and have had a meaningful impact on the customer journey. 

If you want to learn more about how brands are using these personalization use cases to drive results with Dynamic Yield, or have examples you’d like to share, feel free to drop us a line.

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