Visit Dynamic Yield’s refreshed events site – a tool for customers, prospects, and partners

Visit Dynamic Yield’s refreshed events site – a tool for customers, prospects, and partners

We revamped our events site to make it easier for our community to better stay informed on all the activities Dynamic Yield is up to throughout the year.

Since starting our events program in 2016, Dynamic Yield has sponsored, hosted, and produced more than 300 different breakfasts, dinners, cocktail hours, roadshows, panels, summits, conferences, and more. It’s an incredibly important part of our business as it allows us to nurture relationships with our current customers, collaborate more closely with partners, and connect with new brands on their journey with personalization. 

The last few months, we’ve been brainstorming how to effectively communicate that story as well as highlight all of the activities Dynamic Yield is participating in throughout the year in a sleek, easy-to-digest way on our events site.

And after many discussions, lots of planning, and some serious TLC, was (re)born. A one-stop-shop for all things Dynamic Yield events, visitors can now use the updated page to better: 

  • Find a list of all upcoming events and important details about each
  • Review our heavy events activity in the past
  • Filter and browse the events we sponsor, host, or produce by location

Here’s a little more on the changes we made and why they make a difference. 

Increased discoverability, more information

Our old events page was pretty static and clunky – it basically functioned as a huge laundry list of all the future events Dynamic Yield was set to attend. Some event listings included links to schedule a meeting with a member of our team, which either triggered a simple popup for visitors to share their contact information or led to a page where they’d be able to register for the event. Oftentimes, this would lead to an external event page hosted by another company, and in general, created an experience where the visitor never exactly knew what to expect. 

We knew we needed to streamline things and establish consistency. So now, every event has its own proper landing page, complete with all of the information necessary to learn about our whereabouts and how to connect with us, even when we are just exhibiting. 

Dynamic Yield's Event Site

Regardless of location or type, upon clicking on an event card in the feed, visitors will be redirected to that particular event’s landing page. There, they’ll find a short description of what the event is all about along with details regarding location, dates, Dynamic Yield’s involvement, as well as a form in which to schedule a meeting or RSVP. Should an individual indicate an interest in connecting with us or attending, a member of our team will receive a notification of the activity and follow up accordingly. 

We get countless questions from partners, customers, prospective brands, and friends of Dynamic Yield regarding which events we plan to attend or when our next Personalization Pioneers Summit will occur. With this new system, our entire ecosystem has evergreen access to our events schedule and will be able to stay informed on all of our activity without hassle.

A rich history of events

We felt there was real value in including past events on our new site. It’s not only a testament of the insights gained from exhibiting, participating, and networking at various industry events but also the contribution Dynamic Yield has made to the larger personalization and marketing space by presenting, speaking, and sponsoring. Not to mention, with every Dynamic Yield event we host, we learn more about how to better serve attendees at upcoming events. 

Moving forward, following the conclusion of an event, its card is automatically greyed out and labeled with “Past Event” in the upper right-hand corner. Those subsequent landing pages, while no longer accessible, will remain in the Past Company Events feed for reference. 

Past Dynamic Yield Events

However, we realized it didn’t make sense to allow visitors to infinitely scroll through our list of all 300 previous events, so each will be archived on the page for a period of six weeks.

Additional enhancements

There are a few other features we baked into the events page to make it super functional for all of the different visitors who frequent it. First is the ability to sort results based on the location in which an event is being held.

Dynamic Yield currently services three major regions: The Americas, EMEA, and APAC, meaning we are heavily active in those regions when it comes to events. Therefore, the option to quickly surface relevant events depending on where the visitor sits in the world is not only super helpful but also facilitates discovery. 

Event location filter

Additionally, Dynamic Yield’s owned events, or events that we specifically host as opposed to sponsoring, partnering with, exhibiting or speaking at, all have landing pages with a bit more personality. Using subtle but powerful visual cues helps visitors prioritize which events to consider should they want to engage with Dynamic Yield in a certain capacity. 

As an example, for eTail East in Boston, Dynamic Yield is putting on a dinner for attendees to come and learn, share, and network. The header area for this event doesn’t get the standard purple treatment, but instead, a captivating image is shown to delineate it is organized by Dynamic Yield. 

Visual treatment for owned events

Come find us

Events are such a crucial part of how Dynamic Yield connects with the rest of the personalization community and we thought it important our events site better reflect all we’ve done as well as all that we plan to do. Through the changes made, I hope we are closer to having accomplished just that. 

Of course, if you have any suggestions for how we can further improve the experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below – we’re always iterating, as any good personalization company should. 

Thanks for reading and see you at the next event!

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