Dynamic Yield unveils homegrown methodology for building a winning personalization program

Dynamic Yield unveils homegrown methodology for building a winning personalization program

After working with countless brands across industries and geographies for over a decade, Dynamic Yield has developed a comprehensive playbook to help organizations of all maturity levels build a winning and scalable personalization program.

No one knows better than we do how difficult it can be to build and maintain a scalable and effective personalization program. Yet in a challenging market with ever-savvier online consumers, building a stronger personalization program isn’t just nice to have — it is imperative for sustainable and reliable business growth.

After over a decade of establishing successful personalization programs hand in hand with our customers, the team at Dynamic Yield has created and polished an approach that is sustainable to maintain, easy to grow across the organization, and delivers impactful consumer insights alongside significant revenue uplift. This homegrown methodology, called Rooted Personalization, is now available for anyone to learn.

The challenge

When it comes to starting and maintaining a personalization program, there are some basic challenges businesses consistently face — and this requires more than simple problem-solving, but rather the development and adoption of a long-term solution.

These challenges are:

Rising Consumer Expectations

The rapid acceleration of digital consumption has left consumers with high expectations for personalization — which is, at its root, simply a good customer experience. Consumers expect to see relevant information quickly and for their unique needs to be remembered and addressed over time: businesses that don’t achieve this standard risk a drop in conversion and loyalty.

A Shortage of Talent to Execute

Since it is a critical pillar to combat stagnation, there is ever-increasing pressure to master the customer experience and meet consumer expectations with personalization. Executives are quickly taking notice — and it helps that getting personalization right has lucrative payoffs. Dynamic Yield has seen an uptick in demand for personalization, even in the post-pandemic era. Yet despite this significant growth in demand, the supply of talent to manage these programs has not increased at the same pace. This is in part due to personalization’s high barrier to entry.

High Barrier to Entry for Learning and Implementing Personalization

A large portion of marketers have limited exposure to personalization. In fact, around 80% of the teams onboarded by Dynamic Yield have little to zero experience with a successful personalization program. A/B testing and CRO experience is more common, but these methods are simply components of a larger program that can build valuable customer relationships and increase a business’s longevity.

The takeaway?

Increasing urgency, a lack of resources, and limited education often make personalization one of the most challenging initiatives a business can undertake. The need for an achievable playbook — one that educates marketers on sustainable personalization methodology — is high.

Introducing the Rooted Personalization Hub: your intuitive guide

Check around, and you’ll find that most digital marketing methods come with a wealth of information on best practices, guides, and practical tips. Comprehensive personalization resources are scarcer, because personalization is more complex and more nuanced than any other digital marketing method.

While personalization tools come with a wealth of “how-to’s” and training, the methodology around what makes a good personalization program has yet to be well-defined and widely adopted. We should know: through trial and error with hundreds of customers worldwide, we’ve been pioneering the answers, one slow experience at a time — for over ten years.

What is the Rooted Personalization Hub?

A step beyond interesting use cases or customer examples, Rooted Personalization is a true playbook that gives you the tools you need to approach personalization with your unique business needs in mind. It is a system that will help you unlock your creativity and adopt a user-centric approach that can be repeated again and again — unleashing new revenue and insights as you go.

This educational content breaks down personalization like a coach would, sequentially and thoughtfully. To begin, the Dynamic Yield team has curated content on:

  • How to choose a set of primary audiences
  • How to choose your initial campaigns
  • Best practices for campaign setup
  • How to evaluate the results of your campaigns and leverage the insights for further optimization

What are the benefits of using the Rooted Personalization Hub?

Marketers who go through the Hub will access a quick, straightforward, yet potent way to learn about personalization and how to execute it practically. The Rooted Personalization Hub:

  • Applies to all industries and types of businesses
  • Is agnostic of your personalization provider
  • Makes the daunting task of building a personalization program feel simple with step-by-step guides
  • Equips your team with a shared lexicon to foster increased collaboration on personalization concepts
  • Helps you become more results-oriented and learn how to structure a program that measures revenue impact
  • Gives you tools, like the Personalization Prioritization Tool, that will save you time

The key takeaway

Marketers who use the Rooted Personalization Hub will be empowered to build an evergreen, results-oriented personalization program that drives growth and long-term loyalty. You will feel confident measuring the impact of your work and gain customer insights that will increase revenue over time.

The Rooted Personalization methodology, while tried and tested, is still ever-advancing — as are the resources that our team will continue to develop. Check back for new content and be part of the evolution of personalization.

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