Experience Instant Personalization with Dynamic Yield’s Shopify Plus App

Experience Instant Personalization with Dynamic Yield’s Shopify Plus App

Dynamic Yield’s Shopify Plus app allows businesses to unleash true personalization on their eCommerce site, instantly.

As eCommerce enterprises grow, crafting truly individualized experiences for shoppers is absolutely critical to increasing conversions, revenue, and driving repeat purchases. To reap the benefits of such a tailored approach, this means effectively deploying web personalization across eCommerce entities — and for continued, long-term success, doing so at scale.

Unfortunately, implementing the software necessary to personalize various aspects of the customer journey is often a daunting one.

  • Multiple teams must be involved
  • Development and QA processes are constantly interrupted
  • Code releases are stringent

Not to mention the need for ongoing management.

We recognize these long onboarding periods present a significant obstacle when it comes to businesses achieving their personalization goals, which is why we’re focused on making all of the vast solutions within our omnichannel platform more easily accessible to eCommerce brands.

Starting with one of the most popular commerce platforms in the market, Dynamic Yield’s Shopify Plus app allows businesses to unleash true personalization on their site, instantly.

With absolutely no IT effort and full reign of our product recommendation engine, A/B testing platform features, and behavioral messaging capabilities, teams can now ensure the quickest ROI on personalization.

Here’s a little bit more on how the integration works…

Match Browsing Patterns with Content

Whether recommending products or launching a targeted promotion, Dynamic Yield’s Shopify Plus App matches the experience to the context of a user according to the type of page being visited. After all, product listing pages call for very different recommendations than Homepage recommendations targeted at new anonymous visitors.

Similarly, it’s important to track the journey of each and every customer and pick up on all of the cues their browsing patterns can surface.

Our new Shopify App does exactly that. With its automatic Page Context handling, all browsing patterns are recorded, and every experience is automatically (and programmatically) optimized for its context.

Never Miss an Important Event

When customers add or remove products from their cart, they are signaling their preferences, while completing a purchase is a clear indicator of personal affinities. In the past, tracking these activities to create actionable customer profiles or cluster them into segments was a tedious process. Today, our new app automates the process for brands using the Shopify Plus platform to drive their eCommerce efforts.

Every product attribute, along with the visitor interaction is tied together and automatically interwoven to create robust customer profiles that feed into Dynamic Yield’s machine learning engine. We do all of the work, collecting data directly from the source in real time.

Personalize an Entire Inventory of Products

Shopify Plus store inventory is continuously updated with fluctuating stock levels and product demand, and with the new Shopify Plus App, so is Dynamic Yield.

Product recommendations are always aligned with backend point of sales, and campaigns or experiments like urgency messaging is based on real-time statistics. Furthermore, merchants can convert entire product catalogs into a personalized single-page experience, where each customer navigates their way through a personally tailored selection.

We packed a lot into this new integration.

Ensure the Best Possible Shopping Experience

Because the app is natively ingrained within the Shopify Plus platform, all of the data — browsing activity, page visits, product interactions, etc. are all fed into Dynamic Yield directly from the source, guaranteeing the most reliable and robust data-driven personalization.

Shopify Plus is just one of many integrations we support within Dynamic Yield that allows businesses to streamline their personalization efforts and drive revenue faster. To learn more, visit our integrations page.

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