Shopping Cart Abandonment: An $18 Billion Opportunity (New Ebook)

Shopping Cart Abandonment: An $18 Billion Opportunity (New Ebook)

Reduce shopping cart abandonments now by delivering personalized experiences at each stage of the journey. Download our latest new eBook!

The average shopping cart abandonment rate is around 69%. That’s a frustrating figure because it means that despite all the time and resources you’ve invested in to recommend the right products and provide the best overall shopping experience, more than ⅔ of shoppers are still leaving your site after substantial engagement without completing their orders.

Shopping cart abandonment currently causes eCommerce brands to lose a staggering $18 Billion in yearly sales revenue, according to Forrester research. And with $4 trillion worth of merchandise predicted to be abandoned in digital carts next year alone, cart abandonment has become a burning issue that eCommerce organizations can no longer afford to ignore.

The challenge for many eCommerce brands is that they don’t have an abandonment reduction strategy in place or know where to begin when creating one. If you’re wondering what you can do to dramatically reduce cart abandonments, maximize conversions and increase profits, we’re here to show you how you can accomplish exactly that.

Download our free guide below, or read our blog post on optimizing the 3-stage shopping cart abandonment timeline.

What’s inside?

  • Valuable insights as to the causes of cart abandonment
  • Powerful personalization strategies to reduce cart abandonments to a minimum
  • How to analyze and identify customer pain points through segmentation
  • How to optimize your marketing strategy to provide the most beneficial and highest yielding shopping experience

Download the eBook here

Then, be sure to try our Shopping Cart Abandonment Tool, allowing you to preview examples of personalization and behavioral messaging to minimize and recover your cart abandonment.

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