The Mobile Web: Small Screen, $169B Opportunity (Free Guide)

The Mobile Web: Small Screen, $169B Opportunity (Free Guide)

Analysts expect mobile commerce to total $169B by the end of 2017. Learn how to personalize your entire customer journey to drive conversions in a mobile-first world.

On March 13, 1984 the first commercial cell phone was purchased for the low, low retail price of $3,995. Since that day, the mobile phone has revolutionized our lives, affecting the way we communicate with one another, how we document our lives, and how we shop.

As more and more traffic has migrated to mobile devices, eCommerce and other industries long built on aesthetics have been forced to work on smaller canvases. On a five-inch screen, every pixel counts and marketers have limited space to craft engaging digital experiences.

But the stakes have never been higher. In-store traffic is down and users are spending less time on desktop devices that provide higher conversion rates and order values. Capturing the largest revenue opportunity available in the marketplace will depend on personalizing experiences for mobile-first consumers along the entire journey.

To keep up with changing technologies, marketers long accustomed to thinking big will have to learn to start thinking small.

Download The Mobile Web Guide: Small Screen, $169B Opportunity

In this free guide, we explore the factors causing the mobile conversion gap, examine the modern, omnichannel customer journey and teach marketers how to craft experiences designed for a mobile-first world.

Download this guide and you’ll learn:

  • How poor mobile experiences lead to lost revenue
  • How to capture the attention of mobile shoppers
  • How to master mobile-first design
  • How to capitalize on the $169B opportunity in mobile commerce

Additionally, to see live examples of personalized mobile experiences, rendered on your website, check out our mobile web demo tool. Just enter your URL and watch your personalized mobile website come to life!

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