The State of Personalization in Email: New Research Report

Dynamic Yield’s original research report explores consumer preferences with personalized email communications.

Even after all these years, email still dominates as the reigning champion of channels marketers turn to for the highest return on investment, and on average, contributes over 20% of revenue for businesses.

But with so many companies planning to increase their spend on email marketing comes an inevitable pressure to increase the amount of emails sent in order to deliver on revenue. And for consumers, that translates into inbox overload, frustration, and often, negative brand sentiment.

To understand the habits, preferences, and opinions on email personalization, Dynamic Yield surveyed 550+ consumers in North America, Europe, and Asia. The results show a clear desire for more tailored, highly curated, and relevant email messaging.

  • The degree of personalization respondents encountered within emails from retailers greatly varied by region.
  • By and large, consumers want and expect emails to be tailored specifically to them.
  • Flooded inboxes plague consumers on a daily basis across regions but only a small portion are emails are opened or clicked through.
  • Consumers inspired by the right email will typically transact on a desktop in the evening time, after dinner.
  • With the right promotions and discounts, consumers are more likely to associate brands with enjoyable email experiences.
  • Amazon is the email gold standard. Cited as the favorite retailer to receive emails from, consumers associate highly targeted emails, surfacing and offering information of relevant products as the bar to hit.

As practitioners budget their spend on email marketing this year, the opportunity to improve the current state of the channel is too large to ignore.

Download the full report now and start creating more meaningful experiences for customers via one of the most tried and true channels for revenue growth.


And don’t forget to check out our full eBook on email personalization, From Unread to Marked as Important.

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