Introducing: Dynamic Yield’s Integration with Tealium AudienceStream

Introducing: Dynamic Yield’s Integration with Tealium AudienceStream

With our new one-click Tealium AudienceStream integration, Dynamic Yield customers now have the power to take immediate action based on their proprietary Tealium data.

We live in the age of big-data overload. With the realization that customer data translates into gold, today’s businesses have obtained the means to collect and store massive amounts of data about their customers from numerous touchpoints – website activity, mobile apps, email campaigns, brick and mortar stores and kiosks, call centers, 3rd party data exchange platforms, partners and affiliates, social networks, and more. With data constantly flowing in distinct formats and structures, businesses are now faced with the challenge of making sense of it all.

Tealium has identified and solved this challenge with its powerful Customer Data Platform (CDP), Tealium AudienceStream. Tealium AudienceStream enables businesses to connect and consolidate all of their data, apply a schema, and create a unified framework where the data can be accessed and structured into any type of segment.

Want to learn more about Dynamic Yield + Tealium AudienceStream?
Our experts are ready to walk you through the integration and show you how Dynamic Yield can help you increase revenue using your Tealium data.

With our new one-click Tealium AudienceStream integration, Dynamic Yield has set forth to grant its customers the power to take immediate action based on their proprietary Tealium data. Once enabled, a customer’s Tealium segments and audiences are automatically made available in their Dynamic Yield account – in real time – powering enhanced 1:1 targeting and automated personalization at scale, across all channels. In this personalization nirvana, businesses can further enrich their data with the unique behavioral activity capture by Dynamic Yield, merge Audiences, or micro-target visitors ad-hoc as Tealium captures them in their CDP.

This integration allows you to:

  • Unlock the power of your data
    Data is useless if spread across multiple silos. Unify your valuable first-party CDP segments captured by Tealium with all of your behavioral user data captured in Dynamic Yield to create the most comprehensive data set for powering your personalization efforts.
  • Deploy relevant end-to-end journey personalization
    Bring your data to life by personalizing all aspects of the customer journey. Run A/B tests or leverage Dynamic Yield’s Machine Learning to create landing pages, deliver 1:1 messages and optimize every customer touchpoint across the web, mobile, email and more – all from the same platform.
  • Increase marketing agility without burdening IT
    Empower your marketing teams by giving them the ability to conceive, build, and deliver personalized experiences without ongoing IT help. With Dynamic Yield + Tealium, your team can become leaner and meaner by powering all elements of the onsite experience.

Sample use cases made possible by the partnership include:

  1. Personalize the homepage of an online sports retailer according to a fan’s favorite team
  2. Identify known visitors and welcome them back to your site with a personal greeting
  3. Instantly show recommendations featuring an auto enthusiast’s favorite brand of wheels 
  4. Optimize experiences for time-sensitive shoppers, VIP customers, and bargain hunters

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