The State of Personalization in Mobile Commerce: New Research Report

The State of Personalization in Mobile Commerce: New Research Report

Original research by Dynamic Yield explores how poor design and lack of convenience creates a frustrating experience for mobile shoppers.

Dynamic Yield’s first original research report explores consumer frustrations with mobile shopping. 

Today, over 60% of traffic to e-commerce websites comes from the mobile web but only 16% of conversions occur on mobile devices. While the rise of mobile has placed access to online stores at consumers’ fingertips at all times, many retailers are still struggling to engage and ultimately monetize mobile web users.

More customers are shopping on their smartphones than ever before but they are unsatisfied with the overall experience. Why?

To understand buyer habits, preferences and opinions on mobile shopping experiences, Dynamic Yield surveyed 500 shoppers who have made a purchase on a mobile device in the past month. The results show clear dissatisfaction with the state of mobile shopping, presenting an enormous opportunity for retailers to win hearts, minds, and wallets by delivering better experiences.

  • Users shop on their phones primarily to save time but rarely find the mobile web to be the most convenient shopping medium.
  • By and large, shoppers find desktop computers to be the most convenient and enjoyable way to shop.
  • Poor design is plaguing mobile websites as the majority of shoppers find pages and links far too small to click on.
  • Shoppers on mobile devices are often looking for a specific item but shopping around, providing an enormous opportunity for websites optimized for mobile product discoverability.
  • Amazon is the mobile gold standard. Frustrations cited by consumers with retailers’ mobile websites correlate strongly with what they enjoy most about shopping on Amazon.

As the majority of online sessions now occur on a five-inch canvas, understanding the state of personalization in mobile commerce is paramount to e-commerce success.

Download the full report now and start creating better mobile experiences today!

The state of personalization in mobile commerce

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