Trigger Optimal Email Experiences with Our New Oracle Bronto Integration

Trigger Optimal Email Experiences with Our New Oracle Bronto Integration

Using our new Oracle Bronto Integration, automatically deliver timely, personalized emails at critical moments in the customer journey and gain access to a full suite of email personalization capabilities.

This week we launched a brand new integration with Oracle Bronto, a leading cloud-based marketing automation platform. Adding to our rapidly growing list of technology partners, this integration allows you to define important user activity or custom events as triggers to automatically deliver timely, personalized emails at critical moments in the customer journey.

In addition, you will gain access to the full suite of email personalization capabilities made available through the platform, including Dynamic Content, open-time recommendations, and built-in testing and optimization tools to help you test every aspect of your emails to improve performance.

Here’s a video to walk you through how easy it is to enable the integration:

The No Cause / No Effect Email Conundrum

Taking a step back, here’s a quick summary of why we think integrations like this are so important and what their long-term impact is on the marketing industry as a whole:

Unlike push notifications, social media updates and news headlines, all of which are easy to consume and require just a few seconds of our passive attention, the email inbox is a deep, noisy well of chaos that requires heavy mining and a proactive process of carefully selecting emails that are worth opening, let alone reading.

This is largely due to the fact that nearly 105 billion emails are sent each day, a number expected to reach 246 billion before 2020. The influx has not only given rise to comedic battles on the internet of who has the most unchecked emails; it’s also left a dark, stormy cloud over the email marketing efforts of brands looking to engage with potentially valuable, but often unreachable customers.

“The practice of email has become so commoditized recently that the amount of emails we all receive is overwhelming and not actually valuable to us,” said Liad Agmon, CEO of Dynamic Yield.

This hasn’t stopped marketers from hitting the send button or pumping more spend into the channel, seeing as email still contributes over 20% of revenue for businesses on average. The problem is, the more unread emails, the less impact brands will see on their bottom line.

And guess what that typically equates to…

More emails.

And with every hopeful send, a little piece of the marketer dies and the closer each recipient gets to unsubscribing or flagging an email as spam.

From Unread to Marked as Important
A guide to walk you through strategies on how to bring more quality, highly-curated, and personalized email messaging to consumers’ inboxes.

Triggered Emails to the Rescue

To reverse some of this inbox blindness, we’re starting to see brands better balance the delivery of high-impact emails campaigns with positive experiences. The types of emails recipients are willing to star, snooze, resend, and give their full attention to. Instead of typical batch and blast methods, these companies are using triggers to automatically send emails based on an individual’s behavior, actions, and other important events made throughout the customer journey.

“Triggered emails have been a great feature, delivering an 80% open rate and helps us increase revenue we receive from each visitor to the site,” said Rebecca Mehaffey, Web Trading Manager at Ocado.

It makes sense, why simply rest on one’s laurels when you can let customers take the reigns, leveraging their digital signals to drive email campaigns that match key engagement events for in-the-moment results.

Another ESP another Dollar

At Dynamic Yield, our platform was built to be open and flexible so you can connect with the tools you already use. That’s why we’re so excited to dive into our new integration with Oracle Bronto, the latest addition to our list of available ESPs, which currently includes SendGrid and Listrak.

It’s just one more way we’re making it easier for marketers of all types to personalize every customer interaction, at greater speeds, with higher yield, and lower deployment costs.

Our new partnership unlocks all of Dynamic Yield’s Email Personalization and Triggering capabilities into Oracle Bronto’s popular platform:

  • Dynamic Content
  • Product & Content Recommendations
  • Triggered Emails
  • Dynamic Links
  • Email Capture
  • Scalable Template Creation
  • Built-in Testing & Optimization

This integration offers the whole shabang.

Always Ensure the Right Variation for Every Visitor

Every recipient is different, which means certain elements of an email should change depending on who the person is and where their interests lie instead of remaining static for everyone. Being able to test and target any number of content variations for any segment of your email list can help you achieve better engagement results and, ultimately, conversions.

You can do this by just embedding a Bronto-specific snippet into your email.

Serve different content and banners to different recipients within the same email campaign, or include multiple variations of each banner for each group of recipients.

For instance, the screenshots below depict six banner variations, three of which are targeted at the Women segment and three at Men:

Whatever the case, Dynamic Yield’s statistical engine will determine the best performing one leveraging the most up-to-date information available.

Send well-adjusted emails, regardless of when they’re opened

A lot can happen from the time your scheduled email goes out and the recipient decides to open it. Visitors may navigate back to your site and continue browsing only to showcase a greater interest in a completely different category of products. In order to maintain the highest level of relevance, this new activity should be reflected in your email communications.

Rendered in real-time, Dynamic Yield allows you to serve optimal recommendations that are personalized for the point in time when the email is opened and read. When a user signals new preferences or tastes, our machine learning algorithms continuously produce the most compelling offer for your Bronto email campaigns.

When setting up an email recommendation campaign, you will be able to select the desired strategy as well as any editorial or merchandising rules you’d like the recommendation engine to factor in.

There are several different strategies to choose from, here are just a handful:

  • Popularity
  • Similar Products to
  • Viewed Together with
  • User Affinity

Never miss an important event

As visitors travel along the customer journey, they will interact with a brand in a variety of ways. Some of this activity will demonstrate significant potential and value to a business, although we believe every user action holds weight in our efforts to influence the decision-making process.

Take some examples:

  • A visitor abandons their browsing session
  • A visitor views a particular product but doesn’t purchase it
  • A visitor abandons their cart
  • A visitor completes an order

Important moments such as these should be identified and acted on, driving visitors further down the funnel and closer to action or nurturing new and existing relationships.

With Dynamic Yield’s Triggers Engine, you can complement any of the above actions with a corresponding email reminder, configured to be sent at the most convenient time for the customer.

Set up any key events or conditions to make sure you’re delivering timely, relevant emails when your customers are most likely to engage – all automatically using Dynamic Yield’s machine learning and Bronto as your ESP.

Test everything always

As an effective email marketer, it’s important to know what’s working and what isn’t, especially as your campaigns begin to flourish and grow. And because Dynamic Yield’s testing capabilities are baked into the Bronto integration, you can practically test any aspect of your emails to optimize performance:

Your Dynamic Content: from the template to content, targeting rules, audience, and more.

Your Recommendations: from design to strategies, merchandising rules, and more.

Your Triggered Emails: from content to targeting rules, audience segments, and more.

Analyze exactly what gets users to click and convert to start sending emails more confidently.

Access all of the data you need for every send

Every great email campaign is fueled by data. That means being able to synchronize the constant flow of customer information and activity available in order to produce the most relevant, up-to-date email experiences.

No more black boxes.

With our Oracle Bronto integration, you can directly orchestrate and activate data from across the entire marketing stack – web, mobile app, CRM, email campaigns, and more – and make sure emails sent from your favorite ESP drive the most meaningful results.

Now get out there and change how emails are sent!

Bronto is just one of many integrations we support within Dynamic Yield that allows businesses to streamline their personalization efforts and drive revenue faster. To learn more, visit our integrations page.

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