Apply visual analytics to your personalization campaigns with our ContentSquare integration

Apply visual analytics to your personalization campaigns with our ContentSquare integration

With our ContentSquare integration, tap into visual analytics for easy analysis of important interactions made with experiences launched through Dynamic Yield.

Traditional analytics, A/B testing, and personalization platforms have come a long way over the past decade; introducing automation, machine learning, predictive models, and artificial intelligence to help marketers better guarantee optimal performance, quick results, and maximum revenue.

But despite technology’s support in enabling a more data-driven approach to the customer experience, much decision-making is still done on the part of the marketer, who remains the principal driver behind all of the operations referenced above.

From hypothesizing the rationale behind the numbers to ideating solutions, crafting creative, and designing user journeys – everything being fed into these machines prior to the algorithms or decision engines kicking in is essentially based on a marketer’s educated guess.

A team may know where there is an issue along the customer journey but may be unsure of what should be done to fix it and which alternative experiences should be provided.

Additionally, after an experience is set in motion, targeted, personalized, and deemed a success, marketers often lack insight into why the experience performed as it did – leaving open questions about important segment-specific data and whether there was any collateral impact across the journey.  

Knowing how critical these answers are to experience delivery, Dynamic Yield partnered with ContentSquare to provide you with all of the tools necessary to make the most informed decisions, at scale.

With a simple code snippet, teams can leverage ContentSquare’s AI-powered digital experience insights platform to dive deeper into the main motivators driving visitor behavior on your digital properties.

Integrating Dynamic Yield and ContentSquare will enable you to gain access to:

Zone-based heatmaps – which automatically tag and identify every in-page element across your site with user engagement metrics and revenue attribution.

Customer journey analytics – which captures, quantifies and visualizes the critical drop-off points and important paths taken throughout your entire site or app.

Below, learn how the visual analytics layer can help improve your personalization campaigns within Dynamic Yield.

Discover the why behind performance

Marketers can be quick to discard losing experiences in hopes of optimizing their efforts, but up until now, haven’t been able to effectively identify the real reason behind poor performance – an answer that isn’t always obvious.

The Dynamic Yield dashboard is filled with detailed personalization reports to help you intelligently attribute every bit of revenue to the experience that drove it, but there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the motivations behind customer activity.

For example, let’s say you’re a large sporting goods retailer who tested two different layouts for your Homepage, one consisting of vertical designs, and the other, horizontal. Ultimately, the vertical design ends up generating more conversions and revenue – and you’re probably wondering why.

After employing ContentSquare, visual heatmaps within the campaign reveal the vertical design simply promotes further scrolling down the Homepage, exposing visitors to valuable content at the bottom of the page. As customers consumed more content, they became more knowledgeable about the products.

With this realization, you might decide to restructure your page, elevating key information previously at the bottom of the page to a more prominent position at the top. A correction to the customer experience can be made only after analyzing in-page visual reports for insights tracking why visitors reacted so differently.

“Dynamic Yield makes the right decisions on what content or offer to show each individual user while ContentSquare understands why a particular piece of content or offer works or doesn’t work,” says Mukund Ramachandran, CMO of Dynamic Yield. “This combination, both the what and the why when it comes to web personalization, is truly powerful for marketers.”

ContentSquare Zone-Based Heatmaps

Special Zone Analytics provide numerous behavioral metrics for every element on the page, including high-visibility elements above and below the fold. These immediately cast a light on: 

  • The page’s average scroll reach
  • Each element’s engagement levels
  • Its benefit to the visitor’s journey

Understand the full impact of each campaign

With our ContentSquare integration, Journey Analytics reveal how certain experiences may have impacted a visitor’s journey – overall and for each of your customer segments. 

Imagine you’re interested in optimizing your site navigation, so you direct returning visitors back to the product category they had browsed in their previous session by altering their navigation menu. While the experience clearly provided an enhanced experience to many returning visitors, a large segment of visitors ended up navigating back and forth to the site’s Search functionality and similar categories that weren’t quite what they were looking for.

ContentSquare Journey Analytics Report

Turns out, this newly launched experience resulted in unexpected behavioral outcomes, producing some surprising paths taken across your website that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about. 

By digging deeper into the Journey Analysis report, important details regarding an audience’s mindset are at your fingertips. Armed with all of the relevant information available, you can now make the necessary changes to not only improve your campaign but its impact within the larger customer journey.

Refine future campaign strategy

Personalized experiences don’t end once launched, but are rather part of an iterative and ever-evolving process that requires constant tweaking. The great value of Dynamic Yield’s integration with ContentSquare is the revelation of new behavioral segments and your ability to tap into a visitor’s motivations and mindset – a psychological perspective which provides a new level of clarity into the experiences injected along the customer journey.

For example, if you’ve identified customer segments who are cost/benefit-oriented in their decision making, it’s not enough to simply personalize their experience by sorting their products appropriately on category pages. Instead, this segment of visitors should be targeted with email promotions, free shipping thresholds, and more.

Similarly, if you’ve identified visitors who find it easier to locate their perfect product when the number of items on the search results page is limited, you can use this information to draw additional conclusions regarding experiences that would benefit their search, like:

  • Truncated navigation
  • Limited filtering options
  • Less product per category page
  • Usage of pagination (vs. infinite scroll)
  • And more

Easily visualize experiences and share wins

Running a sustainable personalization program is often contingent on the ability to showcase tangible success stories to stakeholders across the organization – from which continued resources, budget, and support flows.

But while charts, graphs, and tables filled with numbers are pretty, they aren’t always helpful in communicating the big picture. With access to ContentSquare’s reports, you can visualize analytics, optimization and personalization data, and make program performance accessible for everyone in your organization.

Equip your team with everything they need to measure their contribution to revenue and drive healthy ROI. Then, share visual stats to celebrate results.

Don’t miss a beat in the customer journey

There’s no arguing that data-driven organizations are more successful in their optimization and personalization efforts, but for those who look beyond the numbers and into the customer’s state of mind, the payoff is even greater.

By understanding what drives visitor behavior, marketers can craft the right experiences, refine future campaigns, and treat relevant areas of the customer journey to better meet the needs of each individual.

With our ContentSquare integration, marketers can layer in visual analytics to easily tap into the meaningful signals and actions a user takes as they interact with each experience launched through Dynamic Yield.

Start turning intent into high-impact results, today.

ContentSquare is just one of many integrations we support within Dynamic Yield that allows businesses to streamline their personalization efforts and drive revenue faster. To learn more, visit our integrations page.

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