Turn direct feedback into stellar customer experiences with our zenloop integration

Turn direct feedback into stellar customer experiences with our zenloop integration

Unlock the power of direct customer feedback and start delivering more targeted, relevant customer experiences at every touchpoint using our new zenloop integration.

Creating an engaging customer experience (CX) requires a deep understanding of consumer behavior. Whenever a site visitor browses a product category, adds an item to their cart, or clicks a link in an email, brands learn more about them. And while these are implicit behavioral cues, explicit cues exist as well.

One of these explicit cues is customer feedback, which sits at the core of customer experience creation. Direct interactions with customers offer unparalleled insights into consumer behavior and preferences, and when properly leveraged, can inform the creation of highly-engaging digital experiences. And during this era where consumers expect every digital interaction to be highly-personalized, organizations must leave their one-size-fits-all approach to CX behind. Instead, they should be interacting directly with their customers, asking their opinions of a given experience.

Today, a number of savvy businesses depend on surveys to gather customer feedback, but turning their findings into action isn’t always a walk in the park. That’s why we’re excited to announce our integration with zenloop, enabling marketers to trigger CX surveys and optimize the shopping experience based on response analysis, transforming satisfied customers into brand evangelists.

Capturing customer feedback with zenloop

zenloop, an integrated experience management platform, collects both qualitative and quantitative feedback across various channels, automatically identifying all relevant insights and trends teams can use to improve the experiences they deliver. Additionally, the technology aims to improves customer retention using the net promoter score (NPS) framework for surveys.

With this new integration, organizations can trigger zenloop surveys via Dynamic Yield, giving them the flexibility to test and optimize surveys, as well as target segments of users based on survey results. Leveraging Dynamic Yield’s full suite of testing and targeting capabilities, teams can tailor their personalized CX surveys, customizing everything from when and where the survey is triggered to who it will be served to.

A survey template is already baked into Dynamic Yield, which users can design and modify to fit their needs. Users can also test a number of different variations of the survey within a single campaign.

example of a zenloop NPS survey

An example of an NPS survey triggered using Dynamic Yield’s zenloop integration.

Collect user feedback using triggered surveys

Deciding when the right moment to ask users for feedback can be tricky. It’s a balancing act that requires teams to decide when users are most likely to respond. And different business objectives demand the creation of different campaigns and surveys.

For example, let’s say you’re a large furniture retailer looking to learn more about your checkout experience. One way to use this integration to gather feedback is by targeting users in the checkout flow that display signs of site abandonment. Trigger a survey on checkout pages asking these site visitors to provide feedback on the cart experience to learn what is catalyzing site or shopping cart abandonment.

Similarly, when looking to focus on customer retention, marketers can target users with high churn risk via triggered emails. For customers that have not purchased an item within the last six months, program an email survey targeted at this audience cohort to elicit feedback and learn why they may not be currently interested in products or services.

Start creating engaging, consumer experiences using survey data

With our zenloop integration, we don’t simply help brands trigger surveys on-site; we also harness the power of customer feedback to help teams build rich, customer profiles. By combining captured survey responses through zenloop, we can incorporate this data into our customer data management system to create highly-targeted customer experiences.

Marketers can now segment audiences based on user responses and target them with campaigns in real-time. Users can set audience duration within Dynamic Yield, such as one year or the time period that most closely matches how frequently your organization runs surveys.

Examples of sample audiences include:

  • Promoters: users who respond with a 9 or 10
  • Passive: users who respond with a 7 or 8
  • Detractors: users who respond with 6 or lower

Let’s say you’re an electronics retailer who wants to encourage customers who have bought a product in the last three months and are promoters to complete a purchase. Users can now build campaigns targeted at this segment to start sending personalized emails with affinity-based recommendations to these customers.

Another way to tap into survey data for personalization campaigns is by re-engaging promoters using the premise of exclusivity. Consider building a campaign targeted to this segment that displays a special checkout flow featuring invite-only product recommendations. By continuing to show this audience you recognize their value, you’ll further nurture your relationship with them and build brand loyalty.

There’s no feedback like direct feedback

Now more than ever, organizations have realized the importance of competing on the basis of consumer experiences. And while going digital and tailoring experiences based on perceived preferences is powerful, the ability to incorporate and automate campaigns according to real user feedback is game-changing. How consumers perceive your business can inform campaign creation, helping you create more targeted, relevant experiences that will resonate, and the more your organization continues to prioritize customer-centricity, the more likely it is to stay top-of-mind and maintain brand relevance.

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