Dynamic Yield and zenloop Announce Alliance to Enrich the Customer Experience Feedback Loop

Dynamic Yield and zenloop Announce Alliance to Enrich the Customer Experience Feedback Loop

The partnership with zenloop combines direct customer feedback for the delivery of highly-targeted interactions.

[New York/Berlin, November 18, 2020] Dynamic Yield, the Experience Optimization platform, and zenloop, an integrated experience management platform, today announced a strategic partnership allowing brands to better elicit and leverage direct customer feedback for the creation of highly-targeted digital interactions.

The partnership enables marketers to utilize Dynamic Yield’s testing and targeting capabilities to trigger CX surveys generated within zenloop for specific audience segments. After collecting, clustering, and analyzing the responses through zenloop, marketers can combine the data with Dynamic Yield’s rich customer profiles to further optimize the shopping experience, turning satisfied customers into brand advocates and minimizing revenue loss from churn.

Use case examples include:

  • Triggering a survey for first-time visitors who show signs of exiting the checkout flow and asking them to provide feedback about their shopping cart experience. 
  • Sending email surveys to customers who are at risk of churning to inquire about why they have not purchased an item in the last six months. 
  • Encouraging those customers who have had a positive shopping experience on-site but have not purchased an item in the last three months to make a purchase by sending them a personalized email with recommendations based on their affinity.
  • Re-engaging promoters with an upgraded or special checkout flow showcasing invite-only product recommendations so as to provide an exclusive experience.
  • Winning back users who have abandoned the checkout flow due to voucher code ineligibility by offering them new promotion codes upon their return to the webshop.

“The experience market continues to grow rapidly despite the crisis the world is facing at the moment,” said Björn Kolbmüller, Co-Founder and Managing Director at zenloop. “More and more companies across all industries are realizing that in a digitized world, customer-centricity is key. We are excited that, together with Dynamic Yield, we are able to offer a holistic customer-centric culture by delivering ultra-targeted CX campaigns to our clients.”

“The only way two ways to find out whether or not your customer experience is meeting expectations is to experiment and turn statistically significant results into action or to simply ask your customers to provide feedback,” said Benjamin Walther, Director of DACH & NL at Dynamic Yield. “The great thing about our integration with zenloop is that it allows brands to do both – combine quantitative and qualitative feedback and use it to provide customers with the experience they actually want.”

About zenloop

zenloop is the leading integrated experience management platform (IXM). The SaaS solution automatically collects customer feedback through various channels along the customer journey, analyzes and clusters it, and derives tailored measures to retain satisfied customers as well as win back churning customers. 

The zenloop software can be seamlessly integrated into solutions such as Salesforce, Spryker, Emarsys, Zendesk, Slack, or Shopify or used as an addition to the existing tech stack.

The zenloop customer portfolio includes brands such as Momox, Douglas, Peek & Cloppenburg, A.T.U, Mister Spex, Foodspring, Carhartt, and Jochen Schweizer. The company was founded in 2016 by the two former Flaconi founders Björn Kolbmüller and Paul Schwarzenholz as well as Lukasz Lazewski and is based in Berlin with more than 60 employees.

About Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield helps enterprise brands quickly deliver and test personalized, optimized, and synchronized digital customer interactions. Marketing, Product, Development, and eCommerce teams from more than 350 global companies are using Dynamic Yield’s Experience Optimization platform as the technology layer on top of existing CMS or Commerce solutions, to iterate faster and algorithmically match content, products, and offers to each individual for the acceleration of long-term business value.

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