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  • About Our NodeJS Developer

    Dynamic Yield is on the lookout for a “dynamic” NodeJS Developer. This role is for someone who appreciates the geeky behind-the-scenes world of back-end development while still being nuanced enough for the front-end user experience. Dynamic Yield’s products are powerful tools for clients, but they need to be balanced with an ease of functionality. 

    The major responsibilities include a range of components, including delivering quality products, content and coding recommendations, and driving all web, app, and email experiences. Success in this role requires functional knowledge and ability to take a concept and see it through its completed product cycle, balancing the needs of the back-end and front-end teams. 

    The Task-at-Hand:

    • Deliver quality product and content recommendations in low latency from multiple data centers, modern client-side scripting for running personalized experiences, data collection at a significant scale
    • Drive web, app and email based experiences.
    • Be able to write in client- and server-side JS, Python, Scala/Akka, and use ElasticSearch and Redis
    • Stay updated on new and emerging technologies

    Optimal Skills for Success:

    • 2-3 years of experience designing, developing and testing scalable distributed systems and event-driven applications.
    • Solid programming experience with Node.js and TypeScript.
    • Familiarity with SQL/NoSQL databases (e.g. MySQL, Redis/Cassandra/Elasticsearch).
    • Previous hands-on experience with containerization technologies Docker, Kubernetes, and HPA.
    • Familiarity with cloud technologies and administration - (e.g. AWS EC2/ECS/EKS/HPA/etc.).
    • Familiarity with Scala, Python or Java - an advantage.
    • Team player, strong communication skills and empathy.

We don’t skimp on the perks

We invest in our team, making sure everyone is taken care of – from mental and physical health and wellness to ensuring a healthy work-life balance. Here’s a few of our favorites ;)

  • Employee wellness programs
  • Learning and development programs
  • Hybrid work model
  • Generous paid time off

At Dynamic Yield, our strength lies in our talent. Some of the world’s biggest brands rely on our innovation-led team to empower them to build transformative customer experiences. That’s why we’ve built a globally-recognized, people-centric, award-winning company. And with teams across six countries collaborating to build best-in-class technology, we’re looking for exceptional talent that is ready to be part of something great.

Dynamic Yield is an environment that welcomes all races, sexual orientations, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. As an Equal Opportunity employer, we strive to build a workplace that caters to all personality types.

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