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Dynamic Yield’s personalization technology stack helps marketers increase revenue by automatically personalizing each customer interaction across the web, mobile web, mobile apps and email. The company’s advanced customer segmentation engine uses machine learning to build actionable customer segments in real time, enabling marketers to take instant action via personalization, recommendations, automatic optimization & real-time messaging - in a single platform.

Why work here

These are the perks and the benefits which await you when you join our team.

Free Food
Fueled minds start with square meals. Our offices provide healthy snack options to keep you productive throughout the day.

Team Activities
We keep the team spirit going at all times, with numerous events and activities happening in the office, but also outside of the office.

Flexible Vacations
We’re not here to police your “me time.” Take the right balance of personal days off so you can always be fully on.

Well Established
This isn’t some little startup anymore. We’ve spent the last six years building a company that you can feel secure about. And as one of the fastest growing tech companies, we want you to help us grow, too.

About Our Web & Mobile SDK Developer

Dynamic Yield is on the lookout for an organized Web & Mobile SDK Developer to effectively manage and expertly guide team members to ensure high performance of Dynamic Yield products. Dynamic Yield prides itself on our ability to work effectively in teams and create a positive work environment. Our Team Lead will be expected to reinforce that ethos by delivering smooth team operations in a collaborative environment.

Leading by example, this role will also have a deep understanding of the technical components of browsers, javascript and node. In addition, our Team Lead will develop one of our core modules running in all browsers and be responsible for choosing and rendering personalized content as well as collecting the required data which serves as the input for backend algorithms. Ultimately, success in this role is for someone with the technical skills running in the background while inspiring his/her team to consistently perform above expectation in the foreground – an inspiring leader with a strong technical skillset.

The Task-at-Hand:

  • Participate in the creation of project plans, task breakdowns, and time estimation
  • Be the go-to leader and own projects from design-ready to delivery
  • Manage the team assignments  and priorities based on the roadmap, incoming requests and ongoing maintenance
  • Create and convey technical spec per project to the team responsibility for overall quality, performance, and maintainability
  • Manage the team load while ensuring developers on the team are available to work efficiently on their assigned tasks
  • Be up-to-date on the latest technical knowledge and software development practices and trends
  • Adopt new tools and practices to promote the efficiency of your team and website performance
  • Provide regular updates to project managers and their managers with ongoing and immediate updates for issues encountered

Optimal Skills for Success:

  • BSc. Computer Science or similar from a well known university
  • Strong proficiency in JavaScript, including DOM manipulation and the JavaScript object model
  • Backend knowledge in Node.js
  • Familiarity with newer specifications of EcmaScript
  • Understanding of concepts like immutability, functional programming, OO design, etc.
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs
  • Excellent understanding of how the web and various browsers works and behave
  • Good vibe and strong communication skills. Sharing our achievements, supporting each other and having a positive, productive and inclusive environment is super important to Dynamic Yield
  • Innovative, experienced developers interested in proactive roles in shaping technology
  • Experience with ios & android development
  • Understanding of React and its core principles & related ecosystem (such as Redux and Middlewares)
  • Knowledge of CSS, layouts, graphs, animations and related tools (such as Sass, CSS Modules, keyframes, highcharts, D3 etc)
  • Experience with other JavaScript frameworks such as typescript





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