BILD personalizes the entire fan journey

Online sports retailer increases conversion rate and revenue per user, driving a 5X ROI
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Return on Investment due to automated recommendation strategy
Increase in conversion rate from engagement driven by countdown timer
Increased revenue from cart page from targeted mobile notifications
Increase in homepage CTR


BILD is a leading online retailer in Germany, specializing in providing apparel for every sports fanatic. To build unique experiences for each fan, BILD onboarded 3rd party data, personalized their homepage, served individualized recommendations and deployed targeted messaging across devices. Ultimately, BILD realized a 5X ROI from one use case while also driving major uplifts in conversion rate, CTR, and revenue per user.

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“We’ve completely transformed the fan experience on our website by working with Dynamic Yield. Their technology allows us to harness all of our data in one platform and act on that data to craft tailored sessions for every fan. It is truly a splendid product!”
Robert Blanck, Head of Ecommerce & Advertising
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The Challenge

Given the intense passion fans feel for their team, BILD sought to craft website experiences that put a user’s favorite club front and center. Once BILD knew which teams to prominently display, they needed a way to serve automated recommendations to boost cross-sell and up-sell among loyal buyers. Finally, BILD noticed they were missing a valuable opportunity to convert latent users who spent a lot of time browsing their favorite team’s gear but left without completing a purchase.

To maximize revenue, BILD required a solution to

  • Onboard 3rd party data to build advanced customer segments

  • Craft experiences aligned with a user’s fandom

  • Guide wayward users back to the path of purchase

  • Test multiple recommendation strategies to maximize AOV

  • Serve time-sensitive messages and offers to hike engagement


Onboarded 3rd party data for powerful segmentation
To power accurate personalization, BILD needed to fuse data from their 3rd party provider to build robust customer segments. Using Dynamic YIeld’s open architecture platform, they easily integrated data captured by a tag management platform to craft the richest possible dataset.

BILD then used Dynamic Yield to construct audiences in real-time based on events captured by the 3rd party provider. Activating their data with Dynamic Yield allowed BILD to discover opportunities by analyzing cohort size and revenue impact and laid the foundation for personalizing the fan journey.
Onboarded 3rd party data for powerful segmentation
Personalized and optimized homepage based on team affinity
To craft a homepage designed for the superfan and continually optimize this valuable real estate, BILD A/B tested different creative variations based on the fan segment a user belonged to. Bayern Munich fans were served different images and offers featuring Bayern gear, Dortmund fans were served various Dortmund promotions and so forth. New visitors were served a variety of creative banners with an image celebrating the New England Patriots Super Bowl title performing best.

Building and testing experiences based on a visitor’s favorite team boosted CTR by 69%, all without any assistance from IT.
Personalized and optimized homepage based on team affinity
Automated recommendation strategy on product pages
Presenting the right products based on a user’s mindset and stage of the purchase funnel is key to optimizing conversions. But with thousands of products to choose from, how does a retailer select just a few personalized product recommendations for each visitor?
Using Dynamic Yield, BILD employed a hybrid strategy designed to maximize average order values. BILD served a combination of recommendations based on similar items, popular products and items often bought together, automatically updating recommendation units based on availability and price.
Choosing the right recommendation strategies for each user paid major dividends, culminating in a 5X ROI attributed to Dynamic Yield from this use case alone.
Automated recommendation strategy on product pages
Deployed page curl notification to engage mobile buyers
The limited screen space on a mobile device presents a major challenge for marketers who are trying to convert latent users. To overcome this barrier, BILD used Dynamic Yield’s page curl template to display a targeted offer in the bottom left-corner of a user’s smartphone.
Inserting the page curl influenced hundreds of purchases in just one week and increased revenue per user by 27%.
Deployed page curl notification to engage mobile buyers
Displayed countdown timer before Black Friday
Displayed countdown timer before Black Friday
Leading up to the mecca of all shopping holidays, BILD generated excitement amongst visitors by triggering a countdown to sale promotion. The countdown timer was served via a pre-defined Dynamic Yield template allowing for easy preview on all devices before going live. Prominently featuring the timer drove a 14% boost in revenue per user and 20% uplift in conversion rate.
Triggered targeted notifications and time-sensitive coupons
For all e-commerce websites, turning digital window shoppers into buyers is a key factor in boosting conversion rates. To hook quiet browsers, BILD sent a notification with a time-sensitive 10% incentive if a user completed a purchase during that session. Specifically, BILD targeted users that viewed 7 or more pages during the session and spent at least 50 seconds on the current page.
Triggered targeted notifications and time-sensitive coupons

The Key Takeaway

By onboarding valuable customer data and using that data to inform personalization, BILD demonstrated the power of combining data and activation in a single platform. BILD’s personalized customer journey began with a homepage built for an ardent fan and continued throughout the purchase funnel. BILD personalized their product recommendations to fill carts and served targeted notifications to encourage purchase completion by delivering the right message in the right context, tailored to the device a user was shopping on. All and all, partnering with Dynamic Yield to activate their data and personalize the entire customer journey granted BILD incredible results.