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How Jimmy Jazz Improved Conversion Rate
With Dynamic Yield

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Uplift in conversion rate


Uplift in average order value


Uplift in click-through rate


Jimmy Jazz is dedicated to providing its customers premier lifestyle, streetwear, and footwear through a streamlined shopping experience. Knowing that the bar to meet customer expectations is getting higher and higher, the retailer decided to partner with the optimization team at Blue Acorn iCi and leverage access of Dynamic Yield to create personalized experiences, make site enhancements, and improve UX and design.

Personalize Product Recommendations

Jimmy Jazz offers an array of products and brands including Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Polo Footwear, Levi’s, and Decibel. However, while the site showcased products on the homepage, there wasn’t a section for personalized, recommended products. Jimmy Jazz and Blue Acorn iCi team knew they needed to add a recommended products section, but wanted to validate the new feature before launching to 100% of users.

Blue Acorn iCi used Dynamic Yield’s user-affinity strategy to provide hyper-relevant and personalized product recommendations. When customers interact with the site—product views, add to carts, purchases—the optimization team uses that information to pinpoint customer behavior and attaches custom attributes that characterize with the items they viewed or purchased. This is put into an algorithm in Dynamic Yield and produces personalized product recommendations for each user-affinity group.

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Knowing that return users convert at a higher rate than new users, Blue Acorn iCi’s optimization team tested the new user-affinity strategy with 30% of returning users on the homepage.

The result? Compared to returning users who did not see the product recommendations we saw…

  • An 8% uplift in conversion rate
  • A 4% uplift in average order value
  • 6.75% uplift in click-through rate

This test validated the Jimmy Jazz and Blue Acorn iCi teams’ new product recommendation feature and proved that adding recommendations plays a key role in improving conversion rates.


Site Enhancements

Jimmy Jazz has specific features it plans to roll out, such as new payment methods, header navigation redesign, wishlist functionality, but wants to use user testing for validation. For example, Blue Acorn iCi used Dynamic Yield’s A/B test functionality to experiment a duplicate Checkout Now CTA on the mobile cart—a common trend in mobile cart experiences.

The optimization team hypothesized that by placing a Checkout Now CTA above the product information and underneath the “Your Cart” heading, Jimmy Jazz will see an increase in users reaching the checkout page as well as an increase in conversion rate. The A/B test ran as a 50/50 split between users who saw the control and those who saw the new variation. No other changes were made to the mobile cart and checkout experience.

The duplicated Checkout Now CTA proved to be successful. The new variation saw a 2% increase in users reaching the checkout page and a 3.1% increase in conversion rate. By duplicating the checkout button and eliminating the need to scroll down to begin the checkout process, the user saves a few seconds searching for the next step or second-guessing their purchase decision.
Site Enhancements
UX and Design
Jimmy Jazz has an in-house web design team but wanted to leverage Blue Acorn iCi’s UX experience and knowledge along with Dynamic Yield to validate their new designs. Blue Acorn iCi tests the new designs and provide feedback based on the results.

For example, Blue Acorn iCi’s team tested a new navigation design against the original version. The new design offered a clean, streamlined process to drill down and find product categories — the teams thought this would be a clear winner.

However, after running the experiment, the team found that the original navigation resulted in a higher conversion rate than the new design. The test saved Jimmy Jazz from pushing a user experience that resulted in lower conversion rates to 100% of their customers.
Site Enhancements
Jimmy Jazz + Blue Acorn iCi + Dynamic Yield = Higher Conversion Rates

Without Blue Acorn iCi’s insight and ability to test with Dynamic Yield, Jimmy Jazz would be deploying new features without knowing if and how it improved sales and ultimately ROI. Jimmy Jazz is now one of Blue Acorn iCi’s most successful clients using Dynamic Yield.

Moving forward, Jimmy Jazz and Blue Acorn iCi plan to explore hyper-targeting and personalized promotional campaigns in order to meet their customers’ high expectations.