Johnston Press Increases Visits by 10% Serving Segmented Content Recommendations

How a Major UK Publisher Leveraged Dynamic Yield’s Unified Engagement Platform to Target Crucial Segments

Johnston press case study doc

This Free Case Study will show you how Johnston Press increased visits by 10% using Dynamic Yield’s Recommendation Engine.

Find out how Johnston Press used Dynamic Yield to:

  • Aggregate behavioral data across 13 top-tier sites
  • Recirculate internal traffic for a 10% Increase in Visits
  • Deliver segment-specific experiences for a 31.8% CTR Uplift

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About Johnston Press:

Johnston Press plc is one of the biggest multimedia publishers in the UK, with an expansive portfolio of sites including The Scotsman, the Yorkshire Post and the Falkirk Herald. Johnston Press operates around 250 other newspapers around the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man that touch the lives of over 29 million people.

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