Juniqe improves revenue from paid media

Dynamic Yield chooses winning variations for each individual consumer
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Increase in SEM campaign revenue by automatically linking users to high value pages
Uplift in revenue on product pages by continuously A/B testing and optimizing layout targeting rules


Juniqe, the leading online marketplace for eclectic art prints, apparel, and accessories, is disrupting the European mass art market by making exciting designs of genuine artists accessible to consumers. The company wanted to increase sales by guiding customers and prospects to the most relevant products and the most valuable pages. To achieve this, Juniqe used predictive A/B testing and automatic optimization to serve the highest performing variations. As a result, Juniqe drove a 20% increase in SEM campaign revenue and an 8% uplift in revenue on product pages.

“With Dynamic Yield, we are able to make product recommendations, optimize landing pages, show popups & notifications, and individualize content according to onsite behavior. Having all this functionality available in a single platform is really powerful.”
Sebastian Hasebrink, Founder & Managing Director of Juniqe
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The Challenge

The mass art market is extraordinarily complex; consumer tastes are as individual as the consumers themselves. Ensuring that website visitors have relevant experiences is critical, which is why Juniqe was keen to learn how to predict the right combination of content, page layouts and experiences.

Juniqe knew that creating relevant website experiences would mean undertaking a massive test, learn, and iterate process. Given the scale, the company needed a customer-engagement solution with predictive A/B testing and automatic optimization capabilities.


Used predictive A/B testing to automatically serve winning variations
Juniqe began by testing homepage banner variations for desktop, mobile apps, and tablets. The company had multiple active variations but had no way of identifying which yielded the best results. Using predictive A/B testing, Juniqe tested various banner variations and automatically pushed the top three variations that generated the most revenue per session (RPS). The company also created conditions to allow for banners with time-sensitive offers to replace these winning variations for set periods of time.

Used predictive A/B testing to automatically serve winning variations

Used continuous optimization to find the right product page layout
Juniqe assumed that familiarity with an art piece leads to higher conversions, which is why all product pages feature artist bios, close-up videos and detailed product descriptions. But the company wanted to test that assumption. Would the site see more conversions if a page had less content? To find the optimal product page layout, the company tested various page elements with the conversion goal of increasing revenue.
Used continuous optimization to find the right product page layout

The Key Takeaway

Continuously test and automatically optimize Waiting for a statistically significant winner is time consuming. Look for a solution that allows you to automatically activate winning variations according to behavioral results.

Stay smart about campaign traffic As acquisition costs continue to rise, knowing which landing pages to route consumers to is essential for driving ROI from paid media campaigns.