KUPIVIP optimizes the mobile and web shopping journey for fashion enthusiasts

Leading off-price retailer personalized digital shopping journey and witnesses a 63% increase in purchase after two days
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increase in purchase conversions on mobile devices by promoting the parent category for visitors who landed on product detail pages (PDPs) after using the search box
increase in revenue after incorporating merchandising rules with the Bought Together strategy on product recommendation widgets
lift in add-to-carts by highlighting categories on the menu bar based on the user’s affinity


Known for its discounted prices for luxury items, KUPIVIP is Russia’s leading off-price fashion retailer. Considered a smart fashion shop, the brand earned its nickname by partnering with key brands to manage excess inventory. Doing so gives KUPIVIP the ability to provide its customers with access to apparel from high-street and designer brands up to 90% off. Additionally, their inventory is constantly changing, ensuring its selection is up-to-date in order to remain top-of-mind with customers. KUPIVIP turned to Dynamic Yield and its partner Stellar Labs, in order for a single business user to have the ability to quickly launch and optimize multiple campaigns. By joining forces, the retailer has developed an effective personalization program focused on creating a tailored end-to-end shopping journey. Using Dynamic Yield’s recommendation and testing capabilities, the retailer witnessed a 63% increase in conversions, 34% uplift in revenue, and a 12% lift in add-to-carts.
“We needed a tool that would allow us to create a personalized experience for shoppers from the moment they entered our site and onwards. Dynamic Yield allowed us to have the flexibility to create different experiences based on the type of user — new site visitors, brand enthusiasts, and more — and ensure success. With the expertise and knowledge of the world’s best practices in the field of personalization from the Stellar Labs team, we were able to achieve significant results in a short time period.”
Alexander Fadeev, Head of Analytics Department, KUPIVIP.RU

The Challenge

The smart fashion retailer’s primary objective was to deliver not just the best prices, but also the best shopping experience possible to its customers. With limited time and bandwidth, the retailer needed a solution that would allow them to create an entire personalization program using limited resources. They required a solution that could help them:

  • Build experiences quickly without depending on a large team
  • Utilize merchandising rules to optimize recommendation widgets
  • Optimize experiences based on a user’s past onsite behavior


Adding a category link to a product description page on mobile devices
When shopping on mobile, limited screen space can make it difficult to navigate and find the right product on a site. A common shopping behavior KUPIVIP witnessed was site abandonment from mobile visitors who would search for a product, visit the search results, and be unable to find something they liked. To facilitate the product discovery process and prevent users from abandoning their mobile sessions, the retailer and Stellar Labs placed a top banner on PDPs with messaging urging the user to explore the main category page and additional products. By displaying this mobile message, the retailer saw a 63% increase in conversions after just two days.

Top mobile banner promoting main category page

Highlighting categories in the drop-down menu
To push site visitors further down the shopping funnel, KUPIVIP highlighted navigation menu items to encourage site engagement. For new users, the site’s most popular categories were highlighted. However, as the retailer learned more about the visitor, it would use behavioral data to promote customers’ most preferred product categories. In less than a week, KUPIVIP witnessed a 4% increase in its conversion rate and an 8.4% uplift in revenue among users who interacted with the drop-down menu. It also noticed that users who interacted with the drop-down menu viewed 5% more site pages and increased their cart sizes by 12%.
New user: Promoting the most popular categories
Returning user: Promoting the categories based on user’s affinity
Using merchandising rules to promote popular brands on product recommendation widgets
Since PDPs are one of the main entry points for traffic on the KUPIVIP site, the retailer decided to optimize recommendations on these pages. Knowing its users enjoy shopping for products from the most popular brands, the retailer used merchandising rules to pin well-known fashion labels to the first two slots of the recommendation widget. The remaining slots displayed products that are frequently viewed together. Within 27 days, this recommendation strategy drove a 34% increase in conversions and 35% uplift in revenue compared to KUPIVIP’s native recommendations without Dynamic Yield.
Viewed Together recommendation strategy with
merchandising rules on the first two slots
KUPIVIP’s Native Recommendations on PDPs
Upselling with recommendations on the cart page
In order to increase users’ baskets, KUPIVIP decided to place recommendations on the cart page. Understanding that shoppers are less likely to spend on big-ticket items, the retailer used merchandising rules to promote its products based on users’ affinity that were below a certain price threshold. The retailer was able to achieve 1.7% uplift in revenue on desktop, and 6.2% uplift in revenue on mobile devices after 20 days of testing.
User Affinity recommendation strategy with price threshold on cart page

The Key Takeaway

Today’s brands can’t simply compete on price alone; they must also be able to compete on the basis of the consumer experiences. KUPIVIP, while considered one of Russia’s leading eCommerce sites due to its affordable prices for designer goods, knew it needed to double down on its ability to tailor the online shopping experience. Revisiting its site navigation design and product recommendation strategies, KUPIVIP, with the help of Dynamic Yield and Stellar Labs, was able to personalize and optimize the end-to-end user experience, resulting in a a 63% increase in conversions, 34% uplift in revenue, and a 12% lift in add-to-carts.