Case Study: Lamoda Achieves $15M Uplift in Gross Profit

How Lamoda personalized & optimized experiences of 20M online customers to drive Millions in sales

Lamoda Case Study

This case study shows you how Lamoda personalized and optimized the experiences of 20 Million online customers to drive Millions in sales.

Learn how Lamoda used Dynamic Yield to:

  • Create over 160 granular audience segments
  • Use machine learning to automatically tailor offers to each segment
  • Serve auto-optimized coupons to increase purchases
  • Personalize product grids based on user affinities
  • Leverage social proof to engage idle visitors


About Lamoda:

Lamoda is the leading online retailer in Russia, offering more than 1 million products from 900 brands to 20 million unique visitors each month.