Lamoda Achieves $15M Uplift in Gross Profit

Leading fashion retailer increases sales through robust personalization, granular visitor segmentation, and real-time messaging
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Return on Investment from leveraging Dynamic Yield’s platform
Uplift in Gross Profit within the first year of implementation
Increase in Revenue Per Session by automatically personalizing experiences throughout the site


Lamoda, the leading online fashion retailer in Russia, implemented website personalization at scale and converted more of its existing visitor base into paying customers. To achieve this, the company created over 160 unique visitor segments and automatically targeted each with personalized offers and messages based on purchase behavior, product preferences, and more. As a result, Lamoda realized a $15 Million increase in gross profit, a remarkable feat achieved using only one person on its team.

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“Our customers demand excellence from us. Working with Dynamic Yield helps us deliver a truly personalized and unique shopping experience.”
Niels Tonsen, Chief Executive Officer
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The Challenge

Lamoda is the leading online retailer in Russia, offering more than 1 million products from 900 brands to over 20 million unique visitors each month. Lamoda wanted to increase the lifetime value of its existing visitor base by creating unique shopping experiences that engaged visitors on a personal level.

Faced with the challenge of personalizing experiences, Lamoda needed a solution which would allow it to:

  • Create granular visitor segmentations across its vast customer base

  • Automate targeting capabilities to tailor specific offers to each segment

  • Optimize every pixel throughout each step of the customer funnel

  • Leverage machine learning to optimize experiences at scale and make smarter, data-driven decisions


Delivered personalized experiences using over 160 micro-segments
Lamoda began by segmenting visitors by geo-location and presenting bannersfeaturing apparel relevant to each visitor’s local weather conditions. The company then took it a step further and automatically targeted based on historical purchases, past behavior, and affinities for products and brands.
Delivered personalized experiences using over 160 micro-segments
Created segment-specific coupons
Created segment-specific coupons
Next, Lamoda designed and served personalized coupons to the segments it created. When comparing the results of previous coupon campaigns, Lamoda discovered that it significantly increased AOV, conversion rate, and Revenue Per Session (RPS).
Personalized category page grids based on visitor affinity
To expedite the buying process from category pages, Lamoda surfaced personalized banners that reflected the color and filtering affinities of each visitor. Upon banner click through, category page grids were dynamically re-rendered according to each visitor’s most preferred product color and sorting order.
Personalized category page grids based on visitor affinity
Emphasized product reviews to engage idle visitors
Emphasized product reviews to engage idle visitors
When visitors idle on product pages there is a strong probability they will not convert. Lamoda wanted to leverage product reviews to nudge visitors into making purchases. To achieve this, Lamoda triggered notifications featuring the top-rated and best-worded reviews on the page to visitors who stayed on a page without any interaction over a specified period of time.
Increased basket value on checkout pages
Finally, Lamoda increased overall AOV by triggering coupon notifications as soon as the visitor interacted with the checkout form. Each coupon was automatically optimized according to a real-time calculation of cart contents, offering a larger discount upon reaching a higher order total.
Increased basket value on checkout pages

The Key Takeaway

By personalizing based on micro-segmentation and affinities, Lamoda achieved its goal of building stronger relationships with its existing visitor base.

What’s especially significant is that Lamoda achieved these results using onlyone person on its team.

Inspired by this tremendous success, Lamoda continues to use Dynamic Yield to deliver a highly relevant shopping experience that engages visitors on a personal level and increases revenue sitewide