Linio makes marketplace magic with personalization

Popular marketplace in Latin America drove a 30% increase in conversions after optimizing the customer journey
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uplift in homepage banner clicks by personalizing the homepage sub-banner promotions according to visitor browsing behavior
increase in revenue per user after encouraging first-time search visitors who land on product pages to further explore the category
higher conversion rates from promoting purchase and view rates of popular products on product detail pages (PDPs)


In 2012, Linio started its eCommerce marketplace operation in Mexico and quickly became a leader in the space. With a presence in five Latin American countries, the retailer specializes in selling electronics, apparel, furniture, health and beauty, books, and more to many different demographics. Offering more than 4 million products, to better guide each customer to the right items, Linio sought to optimize the entire shopping journey. After employing the help of Dynamic Yield’s powerful personalization engine, the team at Linio was able to create a highly curated experience, resulting in a 30% increase in conversions, 300% uplift in CTR, and a 23% boost in revenue per user.
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“Dynamic Yield has allowed us to take a full-funnel approach to the customer journey – from capturing quality traffic along various marketing channels, enhancing product discovery on-site, all the way through to optimizing check-out. And at every step of the way, the impact felt has been significant.”
Marinus Van Gestel, Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer at Linio

The Challenge

The marketplace shopping experience can be an overwhelming one, given the vast product assortment to browse from. To fulfill its mission of making the customers’ lives a little easier when they need to buy something, the team at Linio needed to guide shoppers to the right products effectively. This would require a solution that could assist in:
  • Identifying high-value audience segments in real time
  • Optimizing at scale to ensure the best products or offers for each visitor
  • Experimenting with various social proof strategies


Personalized homepage sub-banner promotions by browsing history
As a marketplace, one of the most popular pages on the Linio site is its homepage, which shoppers often use to kickstart the product discovery process. Leveraging high real-estate sub-banners on the page, Linio wanted to test the strategy behind its “deals of the week” promotions, attempting to incorporate visitor browsing history based on categories recently viewed instead of just their location. And upon utilizing Dynamic Yield’s Audience Explorer tool, identified the best audience segments to target according to their size and buying power. Linio then launched a campaign across all of its five sites; each country tested popular weekly promotions versus ones personalized to the visitor. Ultimately the personalized sub-banners drove a significant uplift in CTR (+300%), guiding shoppers to the most relevant promotion.
Control group: Specific deal or campaign aligned with seller or brand (local campaign)
Variation: Customers who saw category X in the previous 30 days – shown a generic campaign aligned with their interests.
Implemented PDP notifications to encourage deeper product discovery among first-time search visitors
Linio noticed most first-time paid and organic search visitors landing on product detail pages (PDP) shared high bounce rates. The team hypothesized if the item in view didn’t precisely fit their needs, the natural instinct of the shopper would be to navigate away from the site. To encourage them to continue exploring the site and find the right product, a bottom bar banner was generated to promote other products in the same category. By showcasing this message, Linio saw a 23% increase in revenue per user (RPU).
Tested urgency and social proof messaging across product and category pages
Recognizing customers sometimes need a bit of motivation to get to check-out, Linio began highlighting daily offers on category pages to ensure shoppers were capitalizing on the great deals available during key promotional periods. The retailer A/B tested a landing page against a control, experimenting with a countdown timer along with a progress bar indicating how many promotions were left to be redeemed. Linio witnessed a 30% boost in conversion when the landing page displayed urgency and social proof messages.
On product pages, the team tested different social proof messages to determine which would be more effective in reducing hesitancy when it comes to decision-making and result in higher conversions. Linio discovered that displaying the number of purchases that occurred in the last few days outperformed highlighting how many other shoppers had viewed a product, leading to a 5% conversion uplift.

The Key Takeaway

As Latin America’s leading eCommerce marketplace, Linio provides its customers with a vast assortment of products, making their lives a little easier when they need something to buy. But in some cases, “too much of a good thing” can make it difficult for shoppers to navigate to the products they are looking for. To help simplify the journey, Linio leveraged Dynamic Yield’s personalization capabilities and curated experiences for visitors, and through several strategic campaigns, boosted conversion rates by 30%, revenue per user by 23%, and CTR by 300%