Case Study: MakerBot Achieves 5X ROI and Increases Sales

How MakerBot Improved 3 Major KPI’s Using Dynamic Yield’s Unified Customer Engagement Platform

MakerBot Achieves 5X ROI
This free case study will show you how Makerbot automatically optimized messaging to increase purchases, reduce cart abandonments, and generate more leads.

Learn how Makerbot used Dynamic Yield to:

  • Automate real-­time messaging for an 18% increase in homepage engagement
  • A/B test content locations to drive more demo requests
  • Leverage exit intent technology to reduce cart abandonments
  • Improve eCommerce outcomes without being tied to dev cycles

About MakerBot:

MakerBot’s next-generation 3D printers are revolutionizing education as well as a wide range of industries across the globe, such as design, engineering, manufacturing, and architecture.