creates tailored digital customer experiences with personalization

Leading shoe retailer enhances customers’ shopping experience and achieves an 8.6% increase in add-to-cart rate
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uplift in add-to-cart rate
from serving complementary recommendations after a user adds an item to the cart
increase in average purchase per user after displaying social proof messages listing the number of products viewed and purchased by other site visitors
lift in average revenue per user by adding badges to category and product pages for promoting “Back in Stock” items


Founded in 1981, UK shoe retailer OFFICE had a mission of closing the gap between athletic and fashion footwear. Now considered a trailblazer for chic sportswear, the company name originated from its former, quirky branding aesthetic: photographing shoes on old office furniture. A standout in the London fashion scene, OFFICE has always prided itself on being at the forefront of customer experience design, consistently seeking out innovative ways to provide its customers with the best possible shopping experience. In an effort to facilitate a stellar customer journey on its eCommerce site, the retailer turned to Dynamic Yield, utilizing the platform’s out-of-the-box templates, urgency notifications, and testing capabilities, resulting in an 8.6% uplift in add-to-cart rate, 5% increase in purchase per user, and a 5.1% lift in revenue per user.
“We searched for a tool that would allow anyone on our team to create and implement a personalization campaign with maximum speed and control. With Dynamic Yield’s easy-to-use platform and testing capabilities, especially its out-of-the-box templates, we were able to become more agile and push experiences live in just a few minutes – and that has been a game-changer for us.”
Kevin Barnes, Head of eCommerce Trading & Development at OFFICE

The Challenge

Even with shoe trends constantly changing, OFFICE is determined to ensure its customers are not only presented with the hottest products but that they also suit their individual preferences. In order to keep up with the fast-paced fashion world, OFFICE needed a solution that would allow them to make quick changes on the fly, while still ensuring every experience is tailored according to the audience. The shoe retailer needed a partner that would allow them to:

  • Create and test personalized digital customer experience messages without help from a developer
  • Deploy consistent and tailored customer interactions across multiple touchpoints


Utilized out-of-the-box templates to deploy recommendations in overlays and increase add-to-cart rate
With a mission to increase shoppers’ basket sizes, OFFICE triggered an overlay featuring complementary product recommendations whenever a shopper added an item to their cart. With limited time to develop and design an experience from scratch, the team’s business users used Dynamic Yield’s out-of-the-box recommendation overlay template to quickly build and push the experience live. OFFICE used the “Purchased Together” recommendation strategy, setting up merchandising rules that ensured only complementary products from the same brand, as well as shoe care products, were displayed in specific slots. Eventually, this campaign resulted in an 8.6% increase in add-to-cart and sold +3000% more shoe care products compared to last year.
Overlay featuring “Purchased Together” recommendations triggered by an add-to-cart
Overlay featuring “Purchased Together” recommendations triggered by an add-to-cart
Tested different combinations of urgency messages on product pages
Needing a solution to combat the fragmented attention spans of today’s eCommerce shoppers, OFFICE was in search of a way to keep users on-site and engaged to encourage purchases. With product detail pages (PDPs) sitting toward the end of a user’s shopping journey, the shoe retailer decided to place a series of urgency messages on these pages to ensure the user would not be tempted to leave at this crucial state. Items with a high number of product purchases and views were targeted in this campaign, and OFFICE tested three different urgency message variations: one that displayed the number of purchases an item had that day, another to show the number of views an item had in a day, and a third that was a combination of the first two. The combination variation proved to be the most successful, resulting in a 4.8% increase in revenue per user and a 5% uplift in purchases per user.
Social proof message communicating the number of daily product views
Social proof message communicating the number of daily product views
Social proof message communicating the number of daily product purchases
Social proof message communicating the number of daily product purchases
Social proof messages communicating both the number of daily product views and purchases
Social proof messages communicating both the number of daily product views and purchases
Implemented product badging on category and product pages to publicize sales and general info
In order to promote products on both category and product pages, OFFICE created a badge template they could easily adjust and modify to fit its needs. The shoe retailer created 30+ versions of badge campaigns using the same template across every test and used them to promote Black Friday, music festivals, and general sales. The use of badges drove massive success; for example, when using badges to advertise “Same Day Delivery” and mark items as “Back in Stock,” the team witnessed a 9.7% uplift in add-to-cart and a 5.1% increase in revenue per user, respectively.
Targeted badges on category pages
Targeted badges on category pages
Targeted badges on product pages
Targeted badges on product pages

The Key Takeaway

With the ever-evolving change in customers’ shopping trends, OFFICE needed to strike a balance when tailoring eCommerce experiences, ensuring users find trendy shoes that also align with their personal tastes. After teaming up with Dynamic Yield for experience optimization, the savvy shoe brand was quickly able to hit the ground running and create dozens of campaigns without relying on development resources. Doing so has led to significant payoffs, increasing add-to-cart by 8.6%, generating a 5% uplift in purchases per user, and boosting revenue per user by 5.1%.