Orange enriches call center data with online behavioral data, improves segmentation, targeting, and attribution

Top European telecommunication company links web behavioral data to call centers to deliver more relevant experiences and inform web segmentation and targeting

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Bridged the gap
between its online & offline channels by enriching call center data with on-site behavioral data
118% uplift
in average revenue per user from re-ordering the mobile device category page based on users’ price range affinity
136% lift
in click-through rate after improving the layout to better promote the different product bundles available


Providing mobile services to more than 12 million retail and commercial customers in Spain, Orange is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. Founded in 2006, the company’s strategy is based on innovation and development. This focus led to the organization’s expansion into additional business sectors – primarily internet and television – and its desire to offer the best services and savings to its customers. Already a well-known player in the mobile services industry, Orange sought to secure a position as a leader among all telecommunications businesses globally. To successfully do so, their team turned to Dynamic Yield, using the personalization platform to bridge the gap between its eCommerce site and its call centers in order to deliver relevant experiences across channels, improve conversion tracking and attribution, and supercharge their segmentation strategy. The telecommunications provider also used the platform to bolster its product discovery efforts, resulting in a 118% uplift in average revenue per user and a 136% lift in click-through-rate from its desktop users.
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“Dynamic Yield has allowed us to explore and test different ways to best present our product offerings to our users. Most importantly, since call-centers play a big role in our industry – we were able to connect our online experience with our call centers providing customers a seamless experience.”
Susana Andújar, eCommerce Director, Orange

The Challenge

Channel fluidity is common among Orange shoppers, who often browse in one environment but convert in another. Revenue is attributed to sales conducted across the various channels, primarily via call centers, in addition to the eCommerce site and its brick-and-mortar shops. As a result, the team at Orange wanted to ensure it provided a consistent experience across channels and knew it was imperative to connect offline and online data to effectively do so, which would require a solution that would allow them to track consumer behavior and engagement at each touchpoint. The mobile network operator specifically needed technology that would allow them to:
  • Sync customer behavioral data from all channels, including from its eCommerce site and call centers, to better personalize experiences for its customers
  • Connect online and offline data to improve conversion attribution and deliver seamless experiences across channels
  • Tailor online experiences based on contextual data, such as phone type, weather, time of day, location, and more


Used an integration to connect offline call center data with online behavioral data and better understand user behavior
Call centers serve as a top sales channel for telecommunication leader, Orange, and the team needed to begin tracking and leveraging behavioral data to personalize offline interactions, as well as inform and optimize how it delivered experiences online.

In order to do so, Orange began using Dynamic Yield alongside an integration for its call center application that generates and displays a unique, personalized phone number atop different site pages, including the homepage, for each web session. This phone number then serves as an identification key, allowing the Dynamic Yield platform to push API data about each user engagement through to the call center application whenever an eCommerce site visitor uses the number to contact Orange by phone.
Example of unique call center phone number displayed to site visitor on homepage
With this integration, the call center is able to immediately access information about users who are calling, such as the products and offers they are interested in and their level of online campaign engagement, to contextualize phone conversations and increase the likelihood of an offline sale. The application also sends Dynamic Yield events through to its eXPerience APIs, indicating the most up-to-date purchase stage of each caller, which the eCommerce team uses to build audiences according to whether or not a call resulted in a conversion, targeting users with relevant experiences according to what stage of the purchase funnel they are in. As a result, Orange was able to bridge the gap between its online and offline sales channels, helping them better understand the behavior of its customers and deliver the most relevant experiences possible in any shopping environment.
Personalized SEM landing pages for anonymous site visitors using call center data
The team was running a personalization campaign for SEM landing pages to better tailor which promotions it displayed to first-time site visitors. Using contextual data, such as device type, time of day, browser type, and location, as well as affinity data, such as the types of phones, services, and packages a user showed interest in while browsing the site, the system was able to dynamically serve users relevant banners on these landing pages with offers that reflected their interests and behavior. However, because most sales occur over the phone, Orange wanted to use its call center integration to quantify the impact of its digital campaigns on offline sales and improve its onsite personalization campaigns.

Using Dynamic Yield Events, the team was able to track calls conducted and conversions that took place among users that used the call center number displayed on the landing page, giving Orange the ability to improve cross-channel conversion attribution. The system was also then able to use offline data to optimize banners on its SEM landing pages, eventually enabling Orange’s ability to better personalize experiences for new users after the first page load.

Additional optimizations Orange conducted using Dynamic Yield

Re-ordered the category page based on the user’s device preferences
Orange wanted to help facilitate the shopping experience for users visiting the mobile device category page by reordering it based on their price and device affinities. Looking through its shoppers’ purchase history, the organization identified that when buying a new phone, most users tend to select a mobile device at a similar price point to their previous or existing phone. With this in mind, Orange decided to re-order the page for identified users based on two different price tiers: high-end smartphones above 400 euros and medium-to-low end smartphones below 400 euros. After implementing this change, Orange witnessed a 118% lift in revenue per user for its higher end shoppers and a 113% increase in revenue per user for its more budget-focused shoppers.
Re-order category page based on users’ price range affinities
Increased customer engagement by optimizing the the display of product bundles
With the goal of increasing its internet and cable subscriptions, Orange wanted to nudge more customers to purchase their product bundles. Not only would this catalyze longer-term customer loyalty, but it would also generate savings for shoppers, as purchasing all telecommunication services through Orange comes at a discounted rate. To facilitate the product discovery experience and increase customer engagement, the team decided to test different page layouts to optimize how its product bundles were being presented on the site. The team made tweaks to the UI to clarify what each package included and added a slider on product listing pages, making it easier for users to browse through the various available options. After rolling out the new and improved page layout, the company saw a 136% uplift in CTR amongst its desktop customers and a 115% lift in CTR for its mobile shoppers.
Category page with new displayed product bundles and slider

The Key Takeaway

Tracking user behavior across channels has become an integral part of Orange’s ability to provide more engaging experiences. And with so many customers engaging across touchpoints and channels prior to converting, connecting online behavioral data with offline call center data has become integral to the company’s ability to deliver relevant experiences, attribute conversions to different campaigns, and better understand user behavior. After implementing Dynamic Yield’s personalization solution, the company was able to use a simple integration to bridge the gap between its online and offline environments and better present products and offers to customers according to the stage of the funnel they were in, in addition to running a number of experiments to improve product discovery, which resulted in a 118% increase in average revenue per user and a 136% uplift in click-through-rate.