+35% Sales Uplift With Homepage Personalization For Sabon NYC

How Luxury Bath and Body Retailer used Personalization to Significantly Boost Sales

Sabon case study doc

Learn how Sabon NYC achieved a 35% sales uplift by optimizing every homepage element using Dynamic Yield’s real-time personalization and automated conversion optimization solution.

Learn how Sabon used Dynamic Yield to:

  • +35% sales uplift
  • +20% uplift in Homepage order value
  • +60% uplift in total pageviews
  • +17% bounce rate improvement

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About SABON:

SABON is a global boutique chain that offers an unparalleled range of exceptional bath and body products using time-honored remedies based on the finest natural ingredients. SABON is well-known for its uncompromising product quality, sincere service, packaging and store design. With over 130 stores in 9 countries and expanding, SABON is a true international brand, appreciated by well-known designers and a wide consumer audience worldwide.

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