Sabon NYC drives
35% sales uplift

Iconic bath and body retailer creates personalized holiday shopping experience
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Sales uplift during Black Friday weekend
Uplift in homepage order value
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SABON is a boutique chain well known for its exceptional bath and body products, with over 130 stores in 9 countries. The company was looking to boost conversions and maximize sales during the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Using Dynamic Yield’s Personalization technology stack, Sabon personalized homepage offers per segment and increased sales by 35%.

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“With Dynamic Yield, we were able to optimize our homepage to guide users through the sales funnel. Instead of theorizing what would work best, we were able to test different promotions, as well as strategize and act on crucial decisions in real time.”
Hezi Rotem, CEO of Sabon
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The Challenge

Sabon was looking for a way to boost conversions and online sales before the year drew to a close, by maximizing sales from every single website visitor during the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

Sabon wanted to make the most of the massive volumes of holiday traffic, knowing that the traffic rush would last just a few days.

Sabon was looking for a solution that would work automatically during those crucial shopping days, funneling traffic to the best products and promotions based on conversion potential even when employees were away from the office.


Sabon personalized the holiday offers on the homepage, including video and promotional items. They “broke down” the homepage into units, and uploaded them to Dynamic Yield’s system as different variations of holiday offers.

The team defined audience groups, created the automated display rules each group would see, and then let Dynamic Yield’s optimization algorithms choose the best variations to show in real time.

The process was 100% marketing-driven, with virtually no technical or creative work required. From that point onward, Dynamic Yield’s automated engine dynamically delievered the top performing variation per user according to real-time results and insights.
Sabon personalized the holiday offers on the homepage

The Key Takeaway

By showing visitors personalized offers and leveraging real-time insights, Sabon learned that returning customers were most inclined to click on a single item promotion based on a past purchase.

Sabon continues to use personalization technology to deliver a highly customized onsite experience that drives more returning visitors and higher engagement.