ThirdLove tailors bra shopping experience to each customer

Online underwear retailer optimizes the bra discovery experience and sees a 23% increase in average revenue per user for target audience
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increase in Average Revenue
Per User
after redirecting paid
social traffic to personalized
landing pages
uplift in conversions from adjusting homepage messaging according to browsing history
increase in Fit Finder quiz completion rate by optimizing landing page layouts and content
for paid social visitors


Since 2013, ThirdLove has been on a quest to connect women with comfortable bras that actually fit. After taking the measurements of millions of women, the company introduced the industry’s first half-cup sizing and developed an algorithm using the data collected to match each woman with the right size for them. However, with hesitancy buying from a new brand, ThirdLove needed to convince female shoppers to take a chance on its products. After tapping Dynamic Yield for access to its powerful personalization platform, the team at ThirdLove began taking a more tailored approach to its customer journey, with experiments resulting in a number of dramatic performance improvements, including a 23% increase in ARPU, 6% uplift in homepage hero banner CTR, and 75% improvement in completion rate for its Fit Finder quiz for first time visitors.

“We felt Dynamic Yield was the best because it allows us to do quite a lot out of the gate. We do have a great engineering team and product team who are running and launching tests, but we’re able to do twice as many tests by using some of the out-of-the-box tools from Dynamic Yield.”
Desirae Oppong, Director of Omnichannel Optimization at ThirdLove

The Challenge

ThirdLove’s superior products speak volumes about the company’s understanding of its customers’ needs, but for many women who have been disappointed buying bras in the past, a higher degree of personalization was required to gain their trust. To better cater the customer experience to these shoppers, ThirdLove required a solution that would help them to:

  • Tailor messaging and creative to different audience groups
  • Continuously optimize landing pages for each visitor
  • Surface the best product recommendations for each visitor

After evaluating a number of other vendors, ThirdLove partnered with Dynamic Yield to take their personalization efforts to the next level.


Split tested landing page destinations for paid social campaigns
In order to ensure visitors are exposed to the most compelling information on why to try ThirdLove products, the team pinpointed the initial landing page experience for different audiences. For example, instead of dropping first-time visitors on collection pages with entire product catalogs or the homepage, a portion of traffic was redirected to specific pages, each more tailored to the segment. Additionally, visitors who landed on the Fit Finder landing page from certain Facebook campaigns and had already completed the quiz in the past were automatically redirected to a landing page highlighting content that is more relevant given the stage in their journey. Upon sending these new visitors to different landing pages, ThirdLove witnessed a dramatic increase in purchases and improvement in overall campaign performance. In fact, some of the tests resulted in a 23% increase in Average Revenue Per User.
Adjusted Homepage messaging and creative based on browsing history
Knowing the homepage is typically the initial point of discovery for many shoppers, ThirdLove leveraged its most valuable piece of real estate, the hero banner, to drive engagement. Tailored according to the individual’s browsing history, messaging and creative fluctuated for new versus returning visitors across desktop, tablet, and mobile. Those who had not previously browsed the site received more evergreen content and messaging around core products, incentivizing them to complete the Fit Finder quiz and get matched to the optimal bras and product lines. Returning visitors, on the other hand, were shown newly launched products. By optimizing the homepage experience, ThirdLove saw a 6% increase in hero banner CTR and 3% lift in conversion.
Optimizing its Fit Finder quiz for new visitors
ThirdLove’s Fit Finder quiz, which helps match women with the right sized bras, is an incredibly valuable and powerful tool in its customer journey. In fact, 80% of the women who share their information are recommended a different size than what they reported wearing, making it all the more difficult to persuade first-time shoppers to take a chance on new sizes and products. But after changing the first-touch experience for new visitors to provide more foundational and introductory content for the start of her journey, ThirdLove saw a significant impact at the top of the funnel, increasing its Fit Finder quiz completion rate by 75%.

The Key Takeaway

While ThirdLove’s bras were already tailored to both size and shape, there was still a large opportunity to tailor the site journey and provide a personalized approach for each customer. After employing Dynamic Yield’s technology, the team at ThirdLove was able to deliver individualized experiences that activated and engaged new visitors at the top of the funnel, refining its efforts through continued testing and optimization to maximize effectiveness. In the end, ThirdLove was better equipped to fulfill its long-term commitment to providing better bras to women everywhere, increasing ARPU by 23%, generating a 3% uplift in conversions, and improving Fit Finder quiz completion rate by 75% for some audiences.