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In conversion uplift for desktop traffic
Conversion uplift in player engagement, retention and revenue
Conversion uplift for mobile traffic


Winner. com is a leader in gaming technology, offering hundreds of top-notch online games, online entertainment services and member rewards to millions of users around the world. The gaming company offers games in 15 languages in dozens of countries worldwide.
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“We manage hundreds of landing pages that must constantly be optimized, and the online gaming industry’s huge traffic volumes and strong competition creates even more pressure for gaming providers to deliver increased engagement, stronger loyalty, and improved lifetime value.”
Benny Mizrahi, Head of PPC & UX Winner.uk
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The Challenge

Engaging and Converting Incoming Traffic
One of the most crucial points in the conversion process is its beginning: Bringing the users to the website or landing page and converting them into leads. A good landing page is a converting landing page, and different users will engage with different ones. This requires heavy resources: Designers to work on a landing page, IT to launch it, and marketing managers to optimize it.

Optimizing Events Related Campaigns
Winner periodically uploads exclusive campaigns and event-related games based on holidays and national sports events. While holidays and sports events last just a few days or hours, they have a major conversion impact, so Winner’s marketing team must work quickly and efficiently.

Managing 100’s of Landing Pages
Winner manages hundreds of different ads and landing pages for their many campaigns, and has a team dedicated to optimizing the players’ conversion funnel from end to end, starting with the ad that the user sees, up until the sale is made.

Optimizing the Entire Acquisition Funnel
Winner’s marketing team must constantly monitor the radar to identify key influential factors, and then based on these, optimize every player’s ad, landing page and conversion funnel in order to achieve the best results. They need to analyze the campaigns’ results, and run changes quickly to fully maximize conversions.

Target Audience

Target Audience
  • New and returning visitors entering the winner.com website.
  • Traffic from PC and mobile devices.
  • Visitors that arrive via the 15 different foreign languages of the site.
  • Traffic from both internal and external campaigns.


Landing Page Builder
Winner uses Dynamic Yield’s Landing Page Builder to create, manage and publish hundreds of landing page options. The marketing managers adjust every aspect of the landing pages, without the need for assistance from developers and designers. IT and creative bottlenecks have been abolished.
Personalized Landing Pages
There is no one single landing page layout that will convert all of the users, and testing takes time, which the team doesn’t always have. Dynamic Yield’s automated algorithms choose the best landing page version per visitor according to various parameters, and deliver these personalized landing pages in real time.
Automated Campaign Optimization
Winner schedules campaigns for sports events and holidays in advance, and sets their automatic upload and optimization. Even for sports events that last just a few hours, the system can optimize the landing pages in a timely manner to improve the conversion rate. On weekends, when employees are away, campaigns go live on time, and get optimized in real time.
Real-time Performance Insights
With our Real-Time Insight, marketers can see the performance data of each landing page even a short time after it’s been launched, and make changes based on these insights on-the-fly. No manual analysis is required.