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by Liad Agmon, CEO, Dynamic Yield

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With Dynamic Yield, Sephora customers can seamlessly find the right products

With Dynamic Yield, Sephora customers can seamlessly find the right products for their beauty needs. Personalisation is at the core of our eCommerce strategy and partnering with Dynamic Yield allows us to craft truly customised shopping experiences across all touch points.

Alexis Horowitz-Burdick, Managing Director, Sephora

Dynamic Yield allows us to reimagine the onsite experience for different consumer profiles

Dynamic Yield allows us to reimagine the Fjallraven onsite experience for different consumers. Their technology saves us countless hours of development time and helps us expose our users to more items while reducing the number of clicks a shopper needs to find a product.

Sam Minassian, Digital Marketing Manager, Fjallraven North America


Dynamic Yield is the perfect tool to help us maximize the value of our video library

Dynamic Yield is the perfect tool to help us maximize the value of our vast video library. We can now automatically serve the most relevant videos to millions of viewers in minutes, delivering a unique experience to each Hallmark Channel visitor.

Josie Ventura, Vice President, Digital Crown Family Networks


Dynamic Yield helps us deliver truly responsive experiences

Our customers demand excellence from us and our couriers. Working with Dynamic Yield helps us to deliver the truly personalized and unique shopping experience online that our shoppers receive offline. Finding new innovative technologies to bring us closer to our customers makes a huge difference for us.

Neils Tonsen, CEO, Lamoda


We were blown away by how quickly the Dynamic Yield team allowed us to personalize our website

To be honest, we were worried about personalization taking months to get up and running and making life difficult for our engineers. In weeks, we were independently delivering unique experiences to all of our customers without increasing the burden on IT.

Kelly Park, Director of eCommerce and Outdoor Sales, ibex


We’ve completely transformed the fan experience on our website

We’ve completely transformed the fan experience on our website by working with Dynamic Yield. Their technology allows us to harness all of our data in one platform and act on that data to craft tailored sessions for every fan. It is truly a splendid product!

Robert Blanck, Head of eCommerce and Advertising, BILD


I was able to independently personalize all of our sites just weeks after signing

As soon as I saw Dynamic Yield, I was excited by the possibility to leverage the platform to grow and engage our readership. Training and setup were a breeze and the tool has been an unbelievable asset.

DAVID LINDSEY, Chief Digital Officer, MediaDC

Dynamic Yield directly increases the number and quality of successful matches on our platform

As a career portal, giving the right users the right content at the right time is the very core of our business. We’ve seen great success applying Dynamic Yield to our career portal to automatically optimize each user’s experience through tools such as personalized job recommendations.

Gijs Verheijke, CEO, everjobs Asia


We personalized homepage offers in real time and increased sales 35%

With Dynamic Yield, we optimized our homepage and uploaded different variations of stand-alone products and sale offers to guide customers through the sales funnel. Instead of theorizing what would work best, we were able to automatically test different promotions and act on crucial decisions in real time.

Hezi Rotem, CEO, Sabon


Dynamic Yield empowers us to apply our insight to a data-driven merchandising strategy

The ability to continuously test and learn which experiences work best has been essential in increasing revenue.

Doug Hall, Director of Marketing, Nature Hills


Dynamic Yield has been an invaluable partner to MyHomeMove

With Dynamic Yield we can deploy multiple personalization and optimization strategies from a single platform. Their customer success team is both responsive and innovative, constantly working with us to achieve better performance.

Neal Preece, eCommerce & Online Director, My Home Move

Dynamic Yield helps us test and elevate the user experience to another level

We have deployed Dynamic Yield's solution to improve onsite messaging, conversion optimization and lead generation. Their team offers great service and provides us with both creative solutions and technical enhancements to improve site performance.

Ivan Pavlovic, Marketing Manager, GenExtreme

I was blown away by Dynamic Yield's capabilities and ease of setup

The training and customer success team is world-class and allowed us to save valuable development time and drive sales within days of deployment.

Erik Smith, Media Director, Lawrence of La Brea

Dynamic Yield allows us to deliver a standout experience when players arrive onsite

With Dynamic Yield, we can personalize thousands of landing pages automatically to drive conversions. Optimizing this valuable acquisition channel has increased engagement, driven stronger loyalty and increased lifetime value.

Elad Rahamim, Webmaster,


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