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Our team offers an effective combination of customer service expertise and deep product knowledge to help you deliver a differentiated customer experience. Working as an extension of your team, we will partner with you to get you up and running, and then support you as you continue to optimize and grow.

Logan | Customer Success Engineer
Rona | Head of Customer Operations
Erika | Senior Customer Success Manager
Rona | Head of Customer Operations

We’re obsessed with your success.

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Onboarding and adoption services

We understand how important it is for you to get the most from your investment. With Dynamic Yield’s enterprise-class implementation blueprints, you’ll be able to deliver the results you need, quickly. We’ll help you create and launch your first high-impact use cases and develop a robust personalization roadmap to meet your business objectives as fast as possible.

Dedicated onboard manager

Dedicated Onboarding Manager who will lead and manage your experience optimization implementation.


An immersive on-site workshop, ensuring teams have the necessary skills to create and launch campaigns.

Value Faster

See value faster by tapping into our unique 10-day Accelerated Onboarding plan.

“They put a high value on a great customer service relationship. Think of them like a personalization coach.”
Dalin Brinkman
Senior Manager of Site Strategy for Lamps Plus
Asana Board
We maintain and share an Asana project management board with our clients, just like the example above, to give our clients maximum visibility and transparency so that our relationship can be centered on collaboration rather than uncertainty.

Ongoing success services

We take every measure to ensure you get true business value from Dynamic Yield and we’re ready to go the distance with you. Our Customer Success team is committed to the long-term success of your business and will support you in maximizing returns, optimizing your digital experiences, reducing time-to-value, and so much more. We’ll help make your Dynamic Yield investment work to its full potential and drive ROI.

Dedicated CSM

A dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure program progression, conduct training, analysis, use case ideation, and more.

Quarterly business reviews and regular consultations to evaluate program performance and identify additional revenue opportunities.

Training Sessions

Strategic training sessions both on-site and remotely for further development of knowledge and skills.

“The Customer Success team at DY is amazing. Whenever we have a question, they are quick to help and provide helpful information.”
Sarah Daniels
Digital and CRM Manager at LAGOS

Professional Services

Take full advantage of our expertise to identify the best personalization and optimization opportunities, execute web development projects, analyze results, and more. We offer a spectrum of professional services designed to help you meet your goals and accelerate your strategic roadmap.

Strategic Consulting

Strategic consulting and opportunity discovery through a detailed business analysis that we turn into actionable program playbooks.

Frontend Dev

Technical assistance and front-end development for building and modifying campaign templates, custom coding, QAing use cases prior to campaign deployment, and more.

onsite training

On-site training for business and technical teams for campaign management, technical development of use case templates, integrations, feed ingestion, and more.

RFM modeling and custom predictive analytics that will allow for the targeting and delivery of highly accurate personalization campaigns.
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Major American fashion brand enhances product discovery experience with personalization.

“Dynamic Yield has been a very unique partner to work with because of its creative and strategic customer success management.”
Wilbert Vivas
eCommerce Manager at Cabela’s Canada

Dedicated experts for full program delivery

Professional program bundles, fully-customized per customer, delivered in 3 months
Program growth
Basic and advanced

A fully customized growth plan, tailored to your own business’ needs and designed to address specific pain-points and opportunities.

Recommendations power
Basic and advanced

Increase product recommendation value and relevance through placement audit, strategy testing, and detailed reporting.

Content diversification
Basic and advanced

Enable personalized content, overlays, notifications, and more on key pages based on audience and activity analysis.

CRM enhancement

Enhance your ability to build your CRM database and direct experiences according to important user attributes and audiences.

Acquisition optimization

Improve marketing program efficiency by analyzing program traffic and behavior to optimize post-click experiences.

Trigger personalization boost

Drive conversions and retention with a custom trigger communication program based on key visitor behaviors and activity.

Learning and enablement

Whether you’re just getting started or want to advance your skills, we provide a customized learning curriculum and resources to help you take it to the next level. From live, in-person classes to virtual webinars – training is available for both business and technical users. You will also receive access to our world-class support, consulting, online Community, and self-service education solution.

Education resources

Access comprehensive educational resources such as the Dynamic Yield Knowledge Base, Academy, and Community.

Receive bi-weekly Tips and Tricks emails showcasing high-impact use cases and best practices being implemented across the system.
247 support

Get support whenever you need it with access to our in-app chat, ticketing system, and 24X7 phone service for technical assistance.

“The DY support team is on hand 24/7 to help with any queries, reply quickly along with having an account manager to reach out to for help.”
Nicola Dickson
Email Marketing Executive at Moss Bros. Group
Learning Resources
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A robust partner network

Depending on your available resources, Dynamic Yield can connect you with the right agency to scale or manage your experience optimization efforts. We partner with the best in the industry to help you close gaps around time, personnel, expertise, and technology, allowing you to reach new heights in a way that works for you.

Solutions partners

More than 50 solutions partners who are not only Dynamic Yield masters but also experts in UX, creative, analytics, marketing, and more.

Tailor Experience

Tailor your Dynamic Yield experience with the help of a growth agency to assist in strategic and tactical execution or outsource experience optimization entirely.

Our Partner Success Managers work directly with every agency in the Dynamic Yield network to ensure value is driven from Experience OS.

Our people are your people.

Our people
are your people.

Sandro Lubas
Team Lead, Senior Customer Success Manager
Sandro Lubas
Team Lead, Senior Customer Success Manager