RFM modeling and custom predictive analytics for your personalization program

The Strategy team at Dynamic Yield is uniquely skilled at using innovative Machine Learning systems and advanced data analytics to help organizations deliver superior outcomes, minimize pain points, and rapidly modernize their experience optimization programs.

Strategic Services

Proper personalization requires collecting, analyzing, and actioning data from multiple sources to ensure the consistent delivery of relevant experiences. An often data-heavy task, our Strategy team can close the resource and skills gap, taking on this specialized work to help your business move faster, generate greater results, and achieve economies at scale.

Analysis of historical data from the Dynamic Yield platform and beyond for the identification of highly strategic customer cohorts.

Forging custom data models based on behavioral patterns unique to your business for the creation of predictive segments and next-best-action personalization.

Driving the data strategy behind application to optimize customer unit economics and marketing budgets.

The types of models we’ll help you deploy

Build high-impact segments based on proven marketing models and predictive customer analytics, all of which can be loaded into the Dynamic Yield platform for targeting.
Customer Lifetime Value

Nurture your most loyal customers while turning others with a strong predicted lifetime value into champions.

RFM Clustering

Turn recency, frequency, and monetary value of past transactions into critical customer groups.

Probability of Activity

Strike while the iron is hot with customers who have a greater chance of purchasing within the next day.

Predicated Sales

Understand which customers hold the biggest purchasing power in the coming 1, 6, 12 months.

Probability to Buy

Capitalize on customers who are predicted to purchase in higher volumes in the coming 30 days.

Nathan | VP of Strategy & Insights Nathan VP of Strategy & Insights

Let us augment your data science operations

The Strategy Team at Dynamic Yield is led by industry experts who bring decades of experience using scientific methods, rigorous processes, advanced algorithms, and various systems to extract data insights for a wide array of personalization strategies. Reach out to learn more →
Nathan | VP of Strategy & Insights Nathan VP of Strategy & Insights
Kamal | Strategy Program Lead Kamal Strategy Program Lead
Siva | Strategy Program Lead Siva Strategy Program Lead