Power deep personalization with an agile segmentation and data management system

Unify customer data across all digital and offline touchpoints and use it to power your marketing ecosystem.

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Capture person-level data, no matter the source

Onboard data from multiple sources and create one cohesive dataset from which to power experiences. Easily collect, store, categorize, and synchronize data from your CRM, ESP, DMP, APIs, POS and more.
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Build complex segmentation & targeting rules

Identify and target high-value customers. Create audience segments based on digital interaction, context, phase in the customer’s journey, third party data, offline purchase, and more.
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Identify & personalize for anonymous users

97% of people on your site are anonymous. Dynamic Yield allows you to identify their intent and preferences in real-time and amplify opportunities for conversion uplift and 1:1 engagement.
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Share audience segments between sites

Share different audience segments between multiple properties and target these people with consistent messages throughout their journey,  regardless the platform: web, mobile web or mobile apps.

Achieve site-wide personalization through affinity targeting
Serve a completely unique site to each user with Affinity Allocation. Deliver a one-to-one experience that goes beyond product personalization to reflect user affinity across the entire site.
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Compare audiences & get real-time sizing analyses

Gain valuable insights and analyze key metrics for your audience segments by applying filtering conditions for your audience segments and comparing them against one another – all in real time.

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Automatically uncover deeper segmentation opportunities

Expand your experimentation and personalization to deeper segments using a Predictive Targeting engine which continuously identifies opportunities to serve the most relevant content.

Additional Capabilities baked into ExperienceOS

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Robust analytics & reports

Measure the true impact of personalization. Quantify revenue, Average Order Value, and other key metrics to understand performance per audience, channel, or device and zoom in on potential opportunities for optimization.

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Audience list exporting

Export a list of users who belong to a given audience segment to a CSV file. Use these lists to build off-site campaigns based on Dynamic Yield segments.

Out Box Audience icon

Out-of-the-box audiences

Every Dynamic Yield account comes preloaded with Audiences that capture the standard traffic channels and device categories, so you won’t have to start from an empty slate.

Affinity Score icon

Affinity score management

Easily control and fine-tune the impact of custom events and behaviors on the calculation of Affinity profiles, directly within the site’s settings.

Merge offline data icon
Merge offline and online purchase data
Ingest in-store purchase data from anonymous and identified users and leverage the important behavioral signals to serve cohesive, tailored experiences based on their entire purchase history, both offline and online.
Tailor Interactions icon

Targeting for identified users

See how many visitors have been identified with a unique ID (e.g. email, and CUID) and use this data to understand the potential of email campaigns or personalization experiences for non-registered users
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Full-breadth of integrations
Dynamic Yield’s open and flexible operating system integrates with the leading marketing solutions, such as web analytics, ESPs, CDPs, call centers, eCommerce platforms, and more.
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Visitor data privacy management
Dynamic Yield is fully compliant with GDPR regulations regarding the collection, storage, retrieval, and deletion of visitor data on demand, allowing you to also use powerful APIs to communicate visitor data collection preferences to your users.
“Dynamic Yield has been instrumental in helping us uncover the different types of audiences coming to and interacting with the e.l.f. site, enabling us to truly cater to each beauty lover’s specific needs. The platform has allowed us to easily test new strategies and optimize on the fly for quick, meaningful results.”
Shana Rungsarangnont, Digital Products Manager at e.l.f.
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Dashboards for quick insights

Quickly access useful reports and metrics you care about, including personalization and experimentation performance, audience impact, recent product updates, and more.