Making amazing digital customer experiences more accessible to those who need it

At Dynamic Yield, we understand that best-in-class personalization technology isn’t easy to come by for everyone. And in an increasingly competitive online landscape, this could mean the difference between major and minor business results.

In an effort to even the playing field, we’re looking to partner with organizations who want to take their online experiences to the next level, but may not currently have the resources to do so.

Apply today

Seeking charities, non-profits, as well as minority-owned small- and medium-sized organizations for the DY for Change pro-bono program:

How we want to help

More than 350 leading brands from around the globe take advantage of our product to capture and act on customer data to accelerate their growth with web personalization and A/B testing. As part of this pro-bono program, we will provide free access to our software for U.S. based charities, non-profits, as well as minority-owned small- and medium-sized organizations. In addition to receiving comprehensive educational resources, consulting services will also be provided when necessary for a nominal fee. We also invite other technology companies to join us in this endeavor to broaden the capabilities we can offer.

Who we are and what we do


A platform that will enable you to identify and target high-value visitors and determine which version of the site resonates better for each.

Human expertise

The methodology and best practices you will learn to improve digital experiences and increase conversion rates independently.

Our promise to you

We strive to support good causes
and give back to our community.

We’re not here to sell stuff
or make false promises.

We will provide ongoing
counseling pro bono, at no cost.

We will provide you with the neceesary resources to make the most out of our engagement.

We will guide and train you on how to
make the most out of our engagement.

Get involved

If you know charities, non-profits, or minority-owned small- and medium-sized organizations that would find this useful, please share this resource with them and encourage them to apply. If you work at one of these organization and are interested in joining us in this initiative, please reach out to