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Your customers expect personalization. Are you delivering? Craft experiences they’ll love by making every interaction uniquely relevant to them. Increase orders, foster brand loyalty, and make shopping effortless.
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Turn browsers into loyal customers with Experience OS

Individualize the journey for every customer, optimizing each interaction to be one they truly love.

We built Experience OS so you can build irresistibly personalized, optimized, and synchronized digital customer experiences faster and easier than ever before.

Join us, to:
  • Increase retention and loyalty through relevant recommendations and simplified repurchasing.
  • Measure the impact of your personalization program with retail-specific KPIs.
  • Easily integrate with all of your existing technology.

A longstanding commitment to Responsible Personalization

Dynamic Yield is private by design and compliant with the latest laws and regulations around the world
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Personalization in Practice

Browse the most Innovative Personalization Examples for eCommerce for every customer

  • The Cold Start
  • The Low Intent Shopper
  • The Undecided or Privacy Minded
  • The Black Friday Shopper
  • The Returning Visitor
  • The Loyal Customer
  • The Cold Start

    Recommend the next best product with deep learning

    Maximize product recommendations and drive users further down the funnel with a state of the art deep learning recommendation algorithm, to automatically predict the next product(s) each user is most likely to engage with.

  • The Low Intent Shopper

    Personalize email content by intent to drive efficiency and conversions

    Leverage advanced audience segmentation to target promotions by intent, serving different variations to low intent vs high intent buyers in a single email send, saving time and driving more purchases from each audience.

  • The Undecided or Privacy Minded

    Guide shoppers to find the right products with a gift finder

    Increase product discovery and provide a guided shopping experience with a survey that generates relevant product recommendations. This template leverages self-segmentation, making it a zero-party data strategy.

  • The Black Friday Shopper

    Promote products with high margins and low return rates

    Boost products with high profit margins and demote items with a high return rate to retain profitability while still recommending the most relevant products to customers. On a holiday like Black Friday, this allows you to serve your most recent top performers while still prioritizing relevancy and revenue.

  • The Returning Visitor

    Personalize the entire homepage by customer affinity

    Leverage Dynamic Yield’s powerful affinity profiling to serve each visitor the products and content most likely to engage them. With each digital interaction, the user’s affinity profile is updated and refined, creating a deeper understanding of their interests and preferences to create a completely tailored experience across every touchpoint.

  • The Loyal Customer

    Recommend products within a customer’s loyalty points range

    Incentivize returning loyal customers to keep spending and delight them with new products while keeping them informed of their available loyalty perks.

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Strategy Email tailored to high intent buyers
Strategy Email tailored to low intent buyers
Strategy Homepage tailored to average visitor
Strategy Homepage tailored to makeup

Dynamic Yield enables our team to deploy complex engagement strategies across multiple channels seamlessly. This year, we expanded our recommendation campaigns to mobile and saw a huge uplift (25%) as a result — the fact that we are able to do this from one platform is a game changer.

Valentina Barbetta, eCommerce Product Owner
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Fully integrated with your tech stack

Leverage Dynamic Yield’s breadth of seamless technical integrations with the set of tools you already use. Dynamic Yield’s flexible data architecture and open API helps you create powerful integrations with any enterprise system like CMS Systems, eCommerce Systems, DMPs, Marketing Automation Platforms, Tag Management Platforms, Web Analytics Solutions and more.
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