A groundbreaking new dimension of hyper-personalization

Leverage Mastercard’s proprietary prediction models and aggregated consumer spend insights to deliver differentiating personalization that caters to each users’ unique habits and expectations like never before.

Find your strategic element

Element is not one solution, but many, that can be seamlessly integrated with Experience OS.

Inform personalization

Discover macroeconomic indicators of retail sales across regions using anonymized aggregate sales activity in the Mastercard payments network.

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Personalize from the
first visit

Target anonymous visitors with the highest propensity to buy in a particular category or geography with hyper-relevant personalization campaigns.

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Build relationships with
your customers that last

Cardholders who have spent more than $500 on groceries in the last month
Cardholders highly likely to spend in apparel and accessories
Cardholders who have traveled in the last 6 months

Grow your existing customers with offers, products, and content curated just for them, and turn them into loyal advocates.

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Unlock maximum value
from your data

All values
On the Go
Stocking Up
Value Shopper
Brand Loyal

Identify hidden relations between products, locations, and product attributes, and use these insights to drive smarter personalization decisions.

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Element was designed to meet your industry’s unique needs

Financial Services

Utilize spending pattern data from credit cards to hyper-personalize according to each customer’s unique purchase behavior and even predict future activity with proprietary prediction models.


Target anonymous users via geo-based spending behavior data right from the first page view. Match products, content, and offers based on customers’ probability of purchasing in any given category.


Unlock the value of your check-level data to inform personalization across all your channels, from drive-thru to mobile, and to inform promotional design, menu optimization, pricing, and marketing strategies.

Travel & Hospitality

Analyze geo-based spending behavior data to understand where customers are most likely to spend on a trip. Target content and offers according to each customer’s predicted purchase behavior.


Direct known customers to personalized offers and recommendations based on unique spending habits to increase average basket size, loyalty and retention.


Activate proprietary in-market consumer spend data to target high value customers and personalize according to affinity. Optimize acquisition campaigns to maximize cross-selling and upselling.

Frequently Asked Questions

We sure can! Element offers a set of seamlessly integrated customer experience capabilities powered by Mastercard. The solution includes several Applications and Extensions that are seamlessly and natively integrated into the Experience OS.
Experience OS was designed to be modular and flexible so that you can add Applications and Extensions as your business and customer experience delivery program grows. Each application within Element can be added separately or bundled together to fit the unique needs of your business.
Yes. Element was designed to scale with your business and adjust according to your industry, geography, and unique business needs.
Element offers a unique value proposition for Dynamic Yield’s customers that’s unavailable elsewhere. The rich, valuable, and actionable targeting that Element introduces is only available as part of Dynamic Yield’s Experience OS, with no other vendor in the market having access to it.

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in learning more about Element. As a first step, we encourage you to schedule your demo call with us so we can showcase these capabilities and discuss your personalization needs.

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