Enterprise-grade personalization –
work better together with Dynamic Yield

The capabilities designed for large teams who prioritize reliability, efficiency, and security.

Breadth of enterprise capabilities

Large teams come with a special set of needs when it comes to running their experience optimization and personalization programs, which is why Dynamic Yield is committed to providing them with the reliable tools they need.


Role-based permissions, approval flows, account management tools, and more


Templating engine, feed support, user activity log, cross-site sharing, previewing functionality, and more


99.9% uptime, server-side support through APIs, SPA compatible, custom CDN support, and more

Deep reporting
and analytics

Custom dashboard metrics, enhanced reporting and BI connectivity, flexible attribution windows, and more


Multi-currency support, multi-language campaigns, localized recommendations, and more

Top-notch privacy
and security

GDPR and CCPA compliant, SSO, API key management and logs, multi-factor authentication, and more

Open connectivity
and integrations

Out-of-the-box integrations with dozens of tools, including webhooks and APIs

Manage teammates and user permissions effortlessly

With marketers, merchandisers, data analysts, product managers, developers, and hundreds of other potential users involved in campaign management, simplify collaboration between the various stakeholders through role-based permissions.

Use them to define, edit, and assign teammates specific access to the system from one easy-to-find location.

More on Managing Account and Teammates

View the entire history of individual site campaigns with our detailed activity log, which allows users to investigate which items, audiences, strategies, or other assets have been changed and by whom.

Achieve full transparency across workflows and departments.

More on Activity and History of Changes

Launch your digital experiences with a solution rooted in security and privacy

An appointed DPO

to manage our privacy program and answer questions

A dedicated security team

for protecting your most valuable assets and information

Data transfer safeguards

to ensure obligations are met in cross-border processing

Localized data storage

for housing your end-users’ personal data locally

Our work has met global standards and regulations


Log into Experience OS safely and securely

Apply the same authentication policies you use for other enterprise applications with Dynamic Yield.

Implement single sign-on (SSO) through SAML 2.0 or OIDC, which are supported by all major identity providers, including Okta and Active Directory.

More on our SSO integrations

Connectivity across the stack

Our open API allows for seamless integration with enterprise CMS and eCommerce systems, DMPs, marketing automation and tag management platforms, web analytics solutions, and more.

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Custom Analytics Platform

Multi-lingual support

Manage content translations at the variation level for each locale, eliminating the need to create new experiences per language that can weigh down site speed and impact page load.