A marketing acceleration platform combines agility, automation, and insights to help businesses deliver highly-targeted interactions across the customer journey in an efficient and scalable fashion. 

A powerful breed of technology, learn more about the types of capabilities associated with a Marketing Acceleration Platform: 

Agility – For marketers to be effective in the digital world, they need the flexibility and control to create personalized experiences when and where they matter most. Traditionally, this has involved working across multiple tools and departments such as design, development, CRM, and more to build, launch, and analyze campaigns. 

But with vendor bloat from the various point solutions and key stakeholders busy working on other priorities, oftentimes, the marketer is left with their hands tied behind their back when it comes to getting innovative ideas out the door. 

A Marketing Acceleration Platform brings all of the Systems of Engagement (SoE) under one roof, making it easier to tailor experiences across every digital channel from one central location. And through standardized workflows and out-of-the-box templates, it reduces the dependencies on other departments, generating a significant amount of value in new profit by accelerating a business’ rate of deployment.

Automation – Properly executed data-driven experiences rely on segmented website traffic, numerous test deployments with conclusive results, analyzed data, and the measurement of every tested variation against each audience to determine optimal programmatic targeting rules. 

Faced with managing this ever-growing list of segments, targeting conditions, and variations, selecting the best experience to deploy becomes nearly impossible, especially as the customer base changes over time. 

A Marketing Acceleration Platform augments efforts in analysis and delivery, leveraging machine learning algorithms to continuously analyze traffic, identify opportunities for new or existing experiences, and dynamically serve the most relevant content to each individual. Key to influencing action at scale, this level of automation increases workflow efficiencies and provides teams with more freedom to innovate. 

Insights – Data is the nexus of the marketing ecosystem, allowing teams to make smart decisions about high-level strategies as well as at the campaign-level to ensure high-yielding, sustainable results. However, without the ability to transform data into insights, its value quickly degrades. 

Typically the responsibility of the analytics function to aggregate, interpret, and disseminate both structured and unstructured data from disparate locations, today, information pertinent to the customer experience must be easily accessible and actionable to all. 

A Marketing Acceleration Platform not only unifies data from across the technology stack, acting as a single source of truth, but also mines meaningful insights from the complex set of data. And in some cases, it provides recommendations on next best steps. With a direct line to sophisticated reported mechanisms, teams can become truly independent in decision-making, without all the labor-intensive resources.

To conclude, while technology is only one component contributing to success when it comes to fulfilling a customer’s needs, the right capabilities can have a significant impact on many different areas of the business.

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