Sep 1, 2016

What is one-step checkout?

One-step checkout (also known as one page checkout) is an approach to eCommerce website design in which the entire checkout process is completed using a single form on one page. The aim of one-step checkout, as opposed to multi-step checkout, is to get the customer through the process as simply and quickly as possible.

The pros of one-step checkout

One of the pros of one-step checkout is that it’s quick to complete. Visitors do not need to navigate through multiple pages and can complete the entire payment process in a single step.

When is one-step checkout effective?

One-step checkout can be particularly effective for the purchase of low-ticket items, during flash sales, for repeat purchases and for mobile shopping experiences. For example, with repeat purchases, if autofill settings are applied then the entire purchasing process can be reduced to one simple action of clicking a button.

However, one-step checkout may be less effective for high-ticket items, where the notion of quickly buying an expensive item can seem rushed and is not reflective of the carefully considered shopping they visitor has done until this point. From an eCommerce design perspective, combining 3-4 pages of form fields into one long form can overwhelm some visitors, who may benefit from a linear process spread over multiple pages (i.e., multi-step checkout).

One-step checkout optimization

The aim of every checkout process is to reduce cart abandonment and increase purchase completions. Since the majority of shopping cart abandonments take place on the checkout page, eCommerce sites need to find the optimal usability to secure more purchases. Smart eCommerce sites continuously A/B test and optimize different payment layouts, designs, form field messages, calls to action and more, and use machine learning to automatically apply the best performing variations. Ensuring that you have an optimized checkout process will help you reduce cart abandonments to a minimum and increase conversion at this critical stage of the purchase journey. Click to learn more about Dynamic Yield’s eCommerce personalization and optimization solutions.

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