Page views are another valuable metric involved in successful Internet marketing campaigns. As an Internet marketer, you’ll likely want to know how many times your Web page has been viewed to determine what changes could be made to increase this number.

Typically, visitors are referred to Web pages from other Web pages and direct hyperlinks. Tracking the referrer information (where the view came from) can also be helpful, as you can better focus your efforts on methods that are producing desired results.

Is there a difference between hits and page views? Yes. A page “view” is different than a page “hit.“ Each Web page could have multiple “hits,” as you may have multiple files affiliated with your Web page. But, each visit to your Web page (regardless of the number of files viewed) only counts as one view.

Tracking page views should be part of your comprehensive Internet marketing strategy. This feature should be included with most analytics tools and/or offered by service providers. You should also watch for what the minimum viewing time per page is with your providers. For example, if one provider requires that a page be fully displayed for five seconds before the views counts as an actual “view,” this is important to consider in comparison to a provider who allows a partially loaded page that displays for less than two seconds to count as a “view.” Any reputable provider should be able to share these requirements/criteria with you.

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